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Craig Preservation Lab

Question on the relative strength and durability of two different types of binding options

Original Question:

“Is there any research dealing with the relative strengths/durability of stab binding sewn signatures and double adhesive with threaded notches?  I am producing a limited edition of 100 breviaries and binding and printing single pages is much easier but I don’t wish to be embarrassed by the book probably falling apart after a few prayers”

Our Response:

The consensus from those asked was that rather than try to bind single sheets you should reprint the text in signatures and then sew through the folds.  If this is not a viable option then the next best approach would be a well-executed double-fan adhesive binding (any style, assuming the adhesive is PVA) over a stab-sewn binding.  It opens better and is less self-stressing assuming that the paper is receptive, has good inner margins and grain direction is long.  Finally it was felt that Stab sewing would be restrictive sacrificing openability for the strength provided by the sewing.

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