Manual update

The General Collections Conservation Unit’s online Repair and Enclosure Treatments Manual was updated recently.

The most outwardly obvious change is that the color scheme was changed to that currently in use by IU. The functionality of numerous menu and sub-menu pages (some of which still represented the very earliest versions of the Manual) was enhanced by converting from the old list display to the newer table format. This allows each of the menus to fit on one page, which they didn’t before. A couple of broken links were found and fixed, and a few others rearranged to make navigation more efficient. A few new images were added, along with documentation of one enclosure treatment.

The Complete Table of Contents for the Manual can be viewed at:

4 thoughts on “Manual update”

  1. Where might I find that wonderful tutorial on Making A Case Bound Book? I used it once, and now the link to it no longer works.

    1. Thank you for letting us know. I’ll check on it and send you a solution shortly.
      -D. Sanders

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