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Craig Preservation Lab

Statistical Report – Craig Lab – 2nd Quarter 2009

Preservation Lab
2nd Quarter 2009 – Report

This report covers the period April 1, 2009 – June 30, 2009

Doug Sanders, Nicole Wolfersberger, Garry Harrison and Lynn Hufford were all involved in presentations at the Society of Indiana Archivist annual meeting held at IU Bloomington in May. Doug and Nicole conducted a workshop on basic paper preservation skills. Garry and Lynn gave a presentation on Disaster Response Triage.

Hufford continued to serve as the convener of the CIC – Preservation Officers group. The primary task during this period was to coordinate a conference call to decide on the agenda for the CIC-PO meeting which was scheduled to coincide with the annual meeting of the American Library Association.

Hufford served on the IUL Assessment Committee and met with Jim Shelf and Steve Hiller when they visited IUB as part of a renewed effort to implement an on-going assessment process within IUL.

Hufford was asked to visit Lakeview Elementary School’s Library/Media Center to review plans that were underway for the renovation of that space. He also was asked to photograph a fund-raising auction and then donated the images to the coordinators of that auction to use for publicity for their on-going efforts. In addition, Hufford volunteered with the Sycamore Land Trust and was asked to donate some of his photos to the Land Trust Alliance (one of, if not the, largest land trust organizations in the U.S.) for use in a grant application the LTA was submitting.

Hufford attended two workshops on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Hufford and Harrison hosted a tour of the Lab for members of the CIC who were in Bloomington for a CIC-related event.

Harrison, Anitta Salkola-While, and Miriam Nelson responded to a request to examine a potential mold problem with a collection of library materials located in the Herbarium Library. Several hundred books needed treatment which took nearly a week to perform.

Harrison completed a significant and substantial update of the online Conservation Manual.

IUL received several hundred boxes of materials from a retired faculty member (Van der Smissen). It was determined that prior to sending these items to technical services for processing Preservation would use our walk-in freezers to exterminate insects that might be lurking in these materials. This project is on-going and will take until approximately the end of the current calendar year to complete.

Fortunately we only had a few minor wet book issues to deal with during this period. These included receiving and treating material from the Geology Library, Life Science Library, Mail Room, and the Fine Arts Library.

Conservation Treatment Statistics
Month Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Enclosures Bindery
04/09 212 68 21 563 32
05/09 267 64 32 503 23
06/09 227 34 38 434 38

Totals: Level I = 706, Level II = 196, Level III = 91
Enclosures = 1,500
Bindery = 93
Total: 2,586

Doug Sanders and Nicole Wolfersberger took part in an Ergonomic assessment of the Paper Lab which, among other things, led to their authoring a manuscript which has been submitted to publication to the Guild of Bookworkers Journal. The working title of their article is: Ergonomics and Injury in the Book and Paper Lab.

Sanders taught two seminars for a SLIS course. These covered cataloging terms associated with paper and parchment evidence, and the history of library preservation.

Sanders completed his service as the PA representative to the Library Budgetary Affairs Committee and was elected Secretary of the IUB Professional Council.

Sanders responded to several preservation-related questions from the general community.

The Paper Lab hired a part-time hourly employee to begin the work of encapsulating posters for the Government Publications collection. These date from WWII. This work is on-going and statistics for it will be reported once the project is complete.

Material work on by the Paper Lab included:
Lilly Library 56 items
Geology Library 6 items
Wells Library 15 items

Herb McBride, using the Kasemake Boxmaking machine, created enclosures for 1,463 items during this quarter. These included:
Lilly Library 1,001 enclosures
Lilly Lab 132 enclosures
General Collections 72 enclosures
ALF 2 enclosures
Law Library 157 enclosures
Music Library 99 enclosures

Peggy Houston and her staff in Binding Preparation processed 4,049 items during the quarter. These included:

Serials 2,966
MPPF 409
PBMP 217
Mono 220
HPB 223

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