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Craig Preservation Lab

Craig Lab Statistical Report – 1st Quarter 2011

Craig Lab – 1st 2001 Quarter Statistical Summary

January – March 2011

The General Collections Conservation section treated 2,853 items.  Of these, 1,042 were Level I treatments, 88 were Level II, and 119 were Level III.  Another 1,604 were items that were put into an enclosure.  An additional 99 items were stabilized so that they could be sent to Heckman for rebinding.

The Paper Lab performed treatments on sixty-nine items.  Of these 35 were Level I of which 33 of these were from GIMSS, one for University Archives and one for Lilly.  Twenty-one items received Level II treatment.  Geosciences had two of these, GIMSS had sixteen, Lilly two, and Music one.  There were 13 Level III treatments performed by the Paper Lab.  Four were for GIMSS and nine were for Lilly.

The Kasemake operator constructed 1,804 boxes in total.  Of these 491 were puzzle boxes for the Lilly Library’s Slocum collection and 367 were for general Lilly Library materials.  The general collections conservation unit added 87 requests; there were 119 from the other general collections and 40 from the paper lab.  In addition there were 700 boxes constructed for the film collections that are being moved to the ALF2.

The Lilly Library conservation technician oversaw the construction of 85 phase boxes, 44 corrugated boxes and four clamshell enclosures.  She also made 40 corrugated boxes for the puzzle collection.  For exhibition she made 137 labels.  In general treatments, the Lilly technician worked on 21 additional items

Bindery Prep processed 2,896 items.  Of these, 1,766 were serials, 226 were monographs and 357 were paperback sent to Heckman.  The remainders were miscellaneous items.

Other projects:

The General Collections Conservation unit hosted a tour for the College Books Arts group; gave a tutorial on the assembly of box-with-lid to the ALF staff, gave advice to a staff member at the University of Missouri and updated the text to the online preservation manual.  Harrison experimented with a way to deodorize paper.

Hufford, Harrison, Nelson, Salkola-White completed LYRASIS training in three online workshops:  Caring for Originals during scanning; Preservation and Salvage of Audio-visual Materials; and, Caring for Scrapbooks.

The staff in the Paper Lab gave a half-day workshop to participants from the Society of American Archivists student conference and another half day workshop to participants from the College Book Arts Association conference.  Sanders spoke to a SLIS class on cataloging terms associated with describing paper-based materials.

Sanders and Hufford viewed the Library of Congress web presentation “Assessing Options for Large Collections.”

McBride worked with Sanders to design one-off enclosures using the Kasemake design software, designed a new layout for film storage enclosures, and worked with the Lilly Puzzle Curator to design storage trays for the housing of the puzzle collection.

Steiner was involved or led the following projects at the Lilly Library:


Main Gallery

Lincoln Room

Slocum Room

Ball Room


Indiana Memorial Union

School of Fine Arts Gallery

IU Cinema

Music Arts Center (MAC)

Installed:         Offset Artist Books (91 items)

12 students for Manuscripts Class (141 items)

Artist Books Jim (≈90 items)

John Ford (64 items)

Assorted supports (Jillian’s)

One Book One Bloomington (26 items)

Chapbooks (44 items)

Politics and Propaganda Puzzle (64 items)

CBAA Juried Artist Books (25 items)

Cinema John Ford (14 items)

Faust at MAC (9 items)

Deinstalled:    10 students (Cherry’s Class)

Artist Books (Jim)

John Ford


Politics and Propaganda Puzzle

CBAA Juried Artist Books

Faust at MAC


  • Check in items at ALF (162)
  • Check out items at ALF (121)
  • Restretch & Rehang wall panels in Main Gallery Wall cases
  • Wrap and label “Gilding” books for President’s office and IU Foundation (348ct)
  • Scheduled and Unscheduled meetings for Manuscripts Class (33ct)
  • 2/11/11 extreme RH cleanup and maintenance (Broken Fan)
  • 3 of 4 parts for Legal Compliancy
  • STEPS Access Class
  • Approximately 10hrs on layout for Preservation Week Exhibit
  • 4  assorted meetings regarding Preservation Week Exhibit
  • Lyrasis – Caring for orginals during the scanning process
  • 3 assorted meeting regarding puzzle tray orders

Hufford attended the midwinter meeting of ALA including meetings of the CIC Preservation Officers and the Preservation Administration Discussion Group.  He continued to serve on and attend meetings of the IUL Budgetary Advisory Committee, ALF Internal Processing Committee, Senior Managers Group.  He attended the Handheld Librarian web conference.  He worked with McBride and Harrison on a proposal for IU to perform enclosure construction for Brown University and meet with McBride and Lilly Library staff to discuss the construction of special boxes for the puzzle collection.  He met with the vice president of Bridgeport Binding to discuss the possibility of IU changing vendors for its binding operation.

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