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Paper Silhouettes from the 1860s

These beautifully intricate paper silhouettes by Karl Froehlich are a wonderful example of the diverse special collections of Indiana University’s Lilly Library.


Karl Froehlich was a silhouette illustrator of children’s stories in the mid to late 19th century. Part of the Scherenschnitt tradition of art in Germany, his skill and finesse with scissors are wonderful vehicles for bringing these scenes to life. This album includes small vignettes featuring animals as well as pastoral scenes.


There does not appear to be much information about Froehlich on the web, however we did find this informative article on in German. If you don’t speak German, try Google Translate for an English translation.

For more information on the special collections at Lilly Library, please visit their webpage here and have a look at their blog for current news and exhibitions information.

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