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Craig Preservation Lab

Preservation Week 2014

Finally it looks like springtime after such an unusually cold winter here in Bloomington! And we all know what spring means, at least here at the Preservation Lab: we are getting ready for the Annual Preservation Week which runs from April 27th to May 3rd this year. Preservation week was originally started by the American Library Association in 2010 so that our cultural heritage will be preserved for the future generations. Here is a link to ALA’s Preservation Week resources ( Check it out. There you can find many ideas how you or your institution can embrace Preservation Week 2014.


“Pass It On – Caring for Your Family Treasures” is the title for an event at the Monroe County History Center on May 3rd at 2-4.30pm. It will be held in the Education Room, 202 E. 6th St. Bloomington, Indiana. RSVP at This event was brainstormed by Elise Calvi, the Head of General Collections Conservation and Preservation Services, and Doug Sanders, the Paper Conservator here in our lab. They are joined by the Monroe County History Center to host the event for the public, who can bring in their family treasures (documents, photographs, books, textiles, and other objects) for a free consultation on how to make sure these priceless items can be preserved in the best possible way. The event will start with a talk covering the basic concepts of preservation given by Doug Sanders and followed with consultations by local conservators and curators. Limited space is available, so make sure to reserve a spot in time for yourself. This is a first of its kind event here in Bloomington!


We are also putting up a preservation exhibition in the west display case of the Wells Library for the month of May, which will present different tools and techniques used for conservation work in both the past and present. I hope you will have a chance to participate in these exciting events. In any case, I’m hoping to post some pictures when they become available.

So make sure you get a chance to take a look at them and hopefully by that time we will have some summery temperatures.

Submitted by Anitta Salkola-White

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