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Water water everywhere

Well, the water was not literally “everywhere” but it was in the Kinsey Library.  The Lab received a call for assistance Monday (July 7) afternoon informing us that there had been a water problem over the long holiday weekend and asking for our assistance.  Doug and Elise gathered some supplies and went to do an initial survey of the problem.  There were 300 +/- books that were involved.  Some (those in the photo) were just damp and can be air dried using one of the large fans we own for that purpose but most have been placed in one of our walk-in freezers and will be transitioned into the Wei T’o freeze-dryer over the coming days and weeks.  Thankfully, we do not experience this type of problem often but the staff here have again shown their willingness to pitch in to address an unplanned event and deal with it in a timely fashion.

Kinsey - edge wet

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