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Craig Preservation Lab

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, October 27th



World Audiovisual Heritage Day was designated in 2005 as a way to draw attention to the loss of audiovisual records of the 20th and 21st centuries. This year’s theme is Archives at Risk.  To this end, various IU Bloomington campus entities are recognizing the need for greater preservation efforts by having an open house of sorts, with presentations and displays. I’ll be giving a quick talk about a set of late 19th century cyanotype prints of Harmonographs we recently uncovered in a collection of papers from Theophilus Wylie, an important figure in the University’s history. These harmonographs represent an interesting link between audio/visual heritage and the daily work we do in the lab preserving our paper and print-based heritage.

Our colleagues over at the IU Libraries Moving Image Archive will be the masters of ceremony during this entertaining and informative event.


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