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You can find contact information for the E. Lingle Craig Preservation Lab on our website.


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  1. Hi,

    Some ancient history to be rectified on your blog— In 1994 I developed the tool that became known as the Brass Nevada. I was at the National Archives at the time and was inspired by a boxmaking class I had taken from Linda Blaser, then at the Library of Congress. The name was given to it by the late Garry Harrison. The prototype had a white porcelain knob, which I made for a few years, and then switched to the knurled knob around 1998. Garry made a few of these (without a knob) with my blessing because I was briefly without a studio. I hope all of you who have them keep them in remembrance of a great book conservator and fiddler.
    Giving credit where it is due has always been important in our fields, and the threat of commercial concerns stealing our hard fought ideas is very real. We need to support our hand toolmakers by buying directly from them, and avoiding mass produced copies. Thanks and greetings from Wren Haven Tools!

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