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Government Information and Kent Cooper Services on the second floor of the East Tower (ET2) has its own blog now. Through this blog we will provide information about what is new in the world of government information, periodicals, and microforms. We will also provide updates with details about our existing services and how to better use them for your research needs. For our first entry, we have provided an archive of the previous entries of the Did you Hear? section of our U.S. Federal Government Information collection page ( Be sure to add this page to your RSS feed and feel free to leave us comments on how we might better serve you.

Without further ado, here are some tips on using resources related to recent news:

On Tuesday, February 17th, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). In keeping with President Obama’s promises of legislative transparency, the administration has set up a website to provide information about where the money is going. According to the White House Blog (, “you can go there to see projections–based on language in the legislation–of where the money will go, broken down state-by-state. And over the coming weeks and months, as the funds start to go out, you’ll be able to see far more detailed information.” See for yourself at:

For the full text of the signed legislature, go to:


The FDA has recently issued a series of recalls on products containing peanuts that might be contaminated with Salmonella. The FDA regularly issues alerts through their website: For information on the most recent recall, including updates, state reports, and information for consumers, go to:

For a list of recalls, market withdrawals and safety alerts, go to:


On Sunday, February 1st, Senator John Kerry (D-MA)¬†and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) debated the merits of the economic stimulus package that was passed in the House of Representatives and sent to the Senate. Did you know that you can read the text of current legislation online? Information on the bill, “HR1: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009,” can be found on the Library of Congress website (

For more information on congressional materials, see our guide at:


On Wednesday, President Obama issued an Executive Order to make presidential papers more readily available. In so doing, he negated Executive Order 13233, issued by Bush in November, 2001. Did you know these orders are available online? For Executive Orders issued by Obama, go to:

For Executive Orders issued by Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, go to:

For older executive orders, use the above link to determine Federal Register page and pull it up in Lexis-Nexis Congressional. For example, the listing for Executive Order 13233 ( notes the revocation of EO 12667 ( which is on Federal Regulation page 54 FR 3403. To find this, go to Lexis-Nexis Congressional (available through IU Libraries: and click on the Regulations link on the left. Click on the Get a Document tab at the top and select ‘Federal Register’ in the drop-down menu. Enter the appropriate page number and a link to the full-text should come right up. Lexis-Nexis Congressional has the full text of the Federal Register back to 1980. Check with a librarian in Government Information and Kent Cooper Services for further assistance.

***Update: Executive Orders from John Quincy Adams up to Barack Obama are available on the American Presidency Project website out of the University of California, Santa Barbara:

Be sure to check out some of their other unique features, such as a digitized, searchable version of the Presidential Papers and their Audio/Video Archive.

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