Resources in ET2 | sustain•ability Themester

This fall, the Themester at The College of Arts and Sciences is sustain•ability. As the semester rapidly comes to a close, if you need help finding resources on the environment, societal changes, migration, and poverty, stop by the Government Information & Kent Cooper Services Department (ET2) on the second floor of the Herman B Wells Library.

ET2 has pulled some new books about climate change, and has put them on display at the entrance to this section of the library. This display includes the following two books from the World Bank.

Reducing poverty, protecting livelihoods, and building assets in a changing climate : social implications of climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean by Dorte Verner

The cost of environmental degradation : case studies from the Middle East and North Africa by Lelia Croitoru

Additionally, one of the Reference Librarians (Nels Gunderson) has created a webpage devoted to researching “the practices, concepts, and issues associated with environmental sustainability including waste recycling, the conservation of water and energy resources, alternative forms of transportation, and the wise use of natural resources.” This webpage compiles in one helpful location online databases, books, articles, and websites devoted to sustainability issue. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our department!

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