Indiana Boating

Going to the lake is one of those things that I look forward to doing every Summer.  It is always fun to try out new lakes and see what each lake has to offer.  Some are great for the beaches, others for fishing, and still others for watersports such as skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing.   I personally prefer the lakes that are set up for watersports, but here in Indiana there are lakes of all types, so you just have to find the right one for you.

One great website that allows you to see many of the lakes that Indiana has to offer is’s Parks and Recreation page.  Here you can view a map of where parks and lakes are located within Indiana.  Another location that might be helpful when planning your boating excursion is here in ET2.  We have maps of Indiana and maps that detail each of the lakes.  These resources are found in the Indiana Collection.  For more information feel free to stop in and we will be happy to help you find more resources on the different lakes here in Indiana.

Now about some of the lakes.  Here in Bloomington, most people head over to Lake Monroe to satisfy their craving for watersports.  It offers places to watch the bald eagles, beaches, playgrounds, 9 boat ramps and allows for both fishing and watersports.  Another lake that is close by is Griffy Lake Nature Preserve.  Griffy Lake offers boat, canoe, and kayak rental, but does not allow for waterskiing.  As you can see, there is plenty of diversity between lakes.

Something that you should consider before going to the lake are the laws of the lake.  Even though you are on the water, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t laws.  Many states in the United States now require boaters to have a special boaters license.  In Indiana there is a whole section in the Handbook of Indiana Boating Laws and Responsibilities on Who May Operate a Vessel.  It is always good to know the rules and laws before going.  For more information check out the Boating in Indiana website.

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I graduated on May 4, 2012 with my MLS and am now on the job hunt. I have a passion for history, maps and government information, so if you have questions feel free to comment on the blog or send me an e-mail. I am always happy to help.
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6 Responses to Indiana Boating

  1. Jay Black says:

    How can I find information on the Wabash River or can anyone help?
    I have a 28′ cabin cruiser that needs 3′ water depth.
    Are the southern parts of the Wabash navigable (say past Vincennes) for a boat my size?

    • Nancy says:

      Here in the department we have river guides available for some rivers including the Ohio and the Wabash, but these do not give the depth of the rivers as that changes all the time. What you need to check are the river gages to see how deep the river is at a particular place. To check gages check out the National Weather Service’s page, which gives you the gaging stations for the US. You can then click on the area that you are interested in, which for the Wabash will be Indianapolis. It will take you to another page, where you will then be able to click on the gaging stations available. I clicked the Vincennes gaging station. From there you can look at the River at a glance and see the other gaging stations on the Wabash. If you need more help feel free to e-mail the department at

  2. Willem says:

    Every lake I’ve water ski’ed mandates a counter clockwise direction. Is this a law or just a common courtesy? Does it vary from lake to lake? Is there a governing body for all freshwater rules?

  3. Josh P says:

    I’m an IUB student and I visited Griffy Lake the other day – such an amazing place. The school should try to promote it somehow.

  4. Bill says:

    I’d love to go boating in Indiana’s waters…too bad you don’t have any pics….I’d love to see how different it is from New Jersey.