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The United States Census Bureau provides data on the nation’s people and economy.  The Census Bureau is probably most known for the Population and Housing Census that citizens fill out every 10 years, the last of which occurred in 2010. The Census Bureau puts together more than just the Population and Housing Census.  It also does the Economic Census, American Community Survey, and more.  To learn more check out the About the Bureau section on the Census Bureau website.

Though the Census Bureau is in charge of handing out the surveys and collecting the data, it is also important that the Census Bureau make the information that it collects available while honoring privacy and protecting confidentiality.  There are many different resources that provide the information the Census Bureau collects, but in this post only two resources that are new or undergoing changes will be highlighted.  They are the New American FactFinder and the Interactive Foreign Trade Graphs.

In the Fall, the Census Bureau will discontinue the legacy version of American FactFinder so if you have any deep links going into the legacy version they will no longer work once the system is discontinued.  In order to help with the transition over to the new version the Census Bureau has published the American FactFinder Deep Linking Guide.

A new resource that the Census Bureau recently added was a series of interactive foreign trade graphs.  These graphs allow you to click the data on and off as well as export the graph and the underlying data.  The Census Bureau also has a feedback form that allows users to share thoughts, comments and suggestions for additional data series on the site.

Some resources from the Census Bureau that we have here at the IU Libraries include statistical reports for all of the Censuses, 1790 -2000, as well as for the Economic Censuses.  Microfilm of the original questionnaires for Indiana 1820-1930 are available in ET2, but are also online through the licensed database, Ancestry Library Edition.

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