Commemorating 9/11

As you may be aware, this year marks the 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001.  To commemorate this event, the Center for Homeland Defense and Security and the Homeland Security Digital Library have put together materials and written blogs on the events that happened that day and how life has changed for the American people.  Here in Indiana, one will also find events and displays to commemorate 9/11.

Currently the homepage for the Center for Homeland Defense and Security gives links to four different pages that present different information in regards to September 11th. These are: Homeland Security Affairs: The 9/11 Essays, Homeland Security Audio Archive, CHDS Education Report (which is a pdf), and the Homeland Security Digital Library, which created a blog series (9/11 10 Years Later) devoted to commemorating 9/11.

Here in Indiana, Indiana University has created a website, Nine Eleven 10 Years Later, devoted to events on the IU campus that relate to commemorating 9/11.  This includes a the film 9/11 will be shown in the IU Cinema, a presentation of Lee Hamilton’s 9/11 Commission Papers in the Wells Library, and Indiana University Remembers 9/11 in the IU Auditorium. In the Herman B Wells library there are two displays in the lobby on 9/11.  One discusses research materials on 9/11 and the other discusses the Lee Hamilton papers.

Another resource that might be of interest as a way to look back at what happened on and around September 11, 2001 is the Internet Archive, which has an archive devoted to Understanding 9/11: A News Television Archive.

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