What’s New in ET2 – October

Map of Month: Panama Canal is the topic of the September/October Map of the Month.

New ET2 In-Stall-Mint: Check it out here!

New Resources: We have a trial (available now till October 31, 2011) of Landscan, a dataset that includes country-level demographic data, 1st level admin demographic data, pixel (1km²) level data, and a layer with area calculations for population density. Country and 1st level admin level data include age, gender, and age-by-gender population breakdowns. The pixel level data contains a total ambient population value for each cell. All data is georeferenced in the geographic projection WGS 1984. Included with the data is a toolbox for use with ESRI’s spatial analyst extension as well as pre-symbolized layer files to use for symbolizing the data.  All global data can be accessed via a standard Web browser at http://wms.cartographic.com/LandScan/index.html

Users with the requisite GIS software are now able to access data on Haiti from the following LandScan URLs:

We would love to know what you think of this resource. Please send your comments on this resource to the department at libgpd@indiana.edu put “Landscan Comments” in the subject, so we know what it is referencing.  Thanks in advance for your input!!

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