LGBT History Month!

You may notice that our library looks a little different this week. October is LGBT History Month, and the GLBT Student Support Services office is celebrating by hosting the Pop-Up Museum of Queer History. Stop by to view the educational exhibit and be sure to check out some events during Lincoln’s Big, Gay Bloomington Weekend.

 You can learn more about LGBT history with these books (and many more!) from our collection:

 Strangers: Homosexual Love in the Nineteenth Century
by Graham Robb
2.4402 ROBst 2003

Using archives, diaries, and letters, Graham Robb illuminates the story of male and female homosexuality in the Victorian era in Europe and America. The book jacket reads, “Contradicting the widely held view that a liberated and proud gay heritage dates back only a few decades, the author uncovers evidence from legislation, literature, medicine, and daily life pointing to a culture of homosexuality that was uniquely well developed, self-aware, and sophisticated. He describes the lives of gay men and women: how they discovered their sexuality and accepted or disguised it; how they came out; how they made contact with like-minded people.”

 Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe
John Boswell
2.420 BOSsa 1994

This book focuses on the author’s discovery of Catholic and Orthodox liturgies for same-sex union ceremonies. “… Boswell traces same-sex unions from Platonic Greece, where the bonding of brotherly equals was considered the noblest form of human contact; to Rome, with its elaborate systems of legal adoption; to Christianized Europe, in which moral ambivalence toward human sexuality of any kind gradually gave way to intolerance, but not before the Church created liturgies to bless loving unions both straight and gay.”

 Becoming Visible: An Illustrated History of Lesbian & Gay Life in Twentieth-Century America
Molly McGarry & Fred Wasserman
2.6403 MCGbe 1998

This book’s bright pink color is pretty hard to resist, and you might just get sucked in once you start flipping through. McGarry and Wasserman highlight an eventful 100 years of social and political life of homosexuality in the United States, “from the extensive gay worlds that took shape in city streets, bars, and tenements beginning in the early twentieth century through a national coming-out during World War II; the repression of the McCarthy era to the liberating forces of the 1969 Stonewall Riots and the gay liberation and lesbian feminist movements; the AIDS crisis, renewed activism in the 1990s; and much more.”