MyDentity: Reflections and Next Meeting

MyDentity is proud to announce that its first meeting was a success! All aspects thought to make up identity were discussed and challenged. The discussion group decided that identity was something: changing, a collection of experiences, and how others perceive and individual.

An interesting topic of hidden vs. visible identities were discussed, and the factor that this has on impressions. This lead into a brief discussion on religion and growing up in religious schools, and the effect that can have on identity,

Race and ethnicity was a major topic. It seemed that different stages of life caused individuals to either cling to or run away from their ethnic origins, and how different people could bring out the heritage pride or embarrassment.

The topic of “what is identity” was a great starter, and the next meetings topic of “education orientation” will be an interesting learning experience for myself as I begin to read the books reserved for this next meeting!

Our next meeting will focus on the range of the LGBTQAI spectrum that is underrepresented and often misunderstood – transgenderism, asexuality, and intersex. We will be discussing what these terms mean, as well as specific issues related to health, culture, and society. Come chat, ask questions, and eat snacks! We will be meeting Thursday, October 29 at 6PM in the GLBT Library, located inside GLBT Student Support Services (705 E. 7th Street).

Recommended reading (available at the GLBT Library):

Golden Boy by Abigail Tarttelin
-Also available at Teter Library (Spectrum Collection) and Monroe County Public Library

Intersex and Identity by Sharon E. Preves
-Also available at the Kinsey Institute

Trans 101: A Simple Guide to a Complex Issue by Nicholas M. Teich

The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality by Julie Sondra Decker
-Also available at Teter Library (Spectrum Collection) and Willkie Library, Monroe County Public Library, and the Kinsey Institute

Guest post by Ben Brown