Queer Podcasts?!

In the future people are going to write about the Podcast Boom of the Mid-Teens. Ushered in by Serial and the love-them-or-hate-them This American Life producers, podcasts have taken hold of the American info-tainment imagination. The following list features some highlights from non-queer-centric podcasts dipping their toes into queer waters, and then features some queer ‘casts for you to dig into.

onlyhuman_1400x1400_nologoI really enjoy Only Human for its frankness, its honesty and how non-complicatedly it discusses health, healthcare, and bodies in the United States. Recent episodes feature interviews with medical students working on anatomy labs and the wife of someone who donated their body to those students’ school. “When Risky Sex Means Jail” from March 15 discusses the legal implications of HIV disclosure, STI stigma and debunks some stereotypes about urban gay men.

stuffmomnevertoldyou_1600x1600Stuff Mom Never Told You is a feminist history and culture podcast from How Stuff Works. Hosts Cristen Cogner and Caroline Ervin release two research-heavy episodes a week about topics such as sexuality and disability, adult coloring books and anal sex. In “The Queer Saint Who Invented Intersectionality” they share some knowledge about Pauli Murray (1910-1985), an African American civil rights lawyer and activist from Baltimore who was also the first black woman ordained as an Episcopal priest. In addition to her trailblazing work as a lawyer, this multifaceted woman also wrote a book of poetry and two autobiographies.

strangers_logo_kcrw-1In Strangers, Lea Tau seeks out moments of uncertainty and celebrates the human capacity for ambivalence, contradiction and wonder. “Kenna Fisher Renaissance Woman” features an interview with Kenna Fisher about transitioning later in life. The episode does a wonderful job in sharing a transgender woman’s experience, as opposed to the transgender experience.

While the above three podcasts are wonderful and cover queer content well, that is not the focus of their work. Below are the highlights for some of the current and up-and-coming queer podcasts.

qp-logo-dark-500pxThe Queer Public Podcast is a new podcast with only two episodes out, but has a pretty wonderful and active twitter presence. “Friends with Exes” features interviews with two individuals and two couples on bumping into you ex and building friendships post break-up. These new relationships can lead to anything from a electro-pop music duo like TeamMate to a provoking photo documentary by Trinidadian Candian artist, Michèle Pearson Clarke.

avatars-000051152214-37az46-t500x500A weekly podcast since 2013, hosts Kid Fury and Crissle throw out their “read” of hip hop culture and stars on The Read. Catch one of their broadcasts live from cities around the world, featuring personalities such as Charlamagne Tha God, Estelle, and Mike Brown.


about_600pxPreviously known as Audio Smut, The Heart has several binge-worthy series described as “a radio show about the terrors and triumphs of intimacy, the bliss and banality of being in love and the wild diversity of the human heart.” Your ears will tingle with sensations of the heart.


cqgray-300x300Join Dannielle and Claire in a conversation with their favorite couples about how they fell in love and stay in love. Coupla Questions will fill your heart with small moments of intimacy and companionship.



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