Introducing TinyCat: The GLBT Library’s New Online Catalog

TinyCat CatalogIn Spring 2016, the library migrated its Integrated Library System (ILS) to TinyCat, a web-based ILS and user interface for searching and managing our existing LibraryThing collection.

This sleek new interface is a powerful search engine to discover what’s in our collection. Although it’s easy to use, here are some FAQs about using the new GLBT Library catalog.

1. Where can I find an item in the library?

Each item will give the call number for its location in the library. For example, the item below has the call number: 9.204 WILth 2016. This will be located in the 9.200’s in the poetry section of the library. Check the Collection category to see if an item can be found in a special location, such as the Graphic Novel, Zine, or Pride Film Festival collections. Read more about the GLBT Library’s classification system.








2. How do I know if it’s available?

If a book is currently checked out or unavailable, the due date will be listed in the status section.








3. How can you search or browse for materials?

The basic search will look for keywords in the information about of the item.

The advanced search will allow you to search for a item by title, author, ISBN, etc. You can also browse by limiting your search to a collection, language, or media type.



Within your search results, you can also narrow by format, collection, or tags, and you can sort your results by relevancy, acquisition (how new it is), author, date, and more.












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-Tessa Withorn, GLBT Library Coordinator