2014-world-cup-logoThe end of the 2014 FIFA World Cup is fast approaching with the final this Sunday at 3 p.m. on ABC where Germany will face off against either the Netherlands or Argentina depending on the result of their game today at 4 p.m. We’re a little sad to see it end, too. It feels like it has been going on forever, and honestly, I don’t even remember what I watched before the World Cup took over my life. What do I watch when it’s over?

Fortunately, I went digging through our collection and found some materials to satisfy my soccer fix.

MV5BODIzMzc2MDkxOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTYyNTY1Mw@@._V1_SY317_CR5,0,214,317_AL_ Lesbians of Buenos Aires (2004) directed by Santiago Garcia
This documentary tells the tale of Buenos Aires lesbians, focusing on three personal stories. A former militant woman who now devotes her time to feminine soccer; a young woman who is active so no girl has to go through what she went through, and a lesbian mother who recounts how hostile the laws are regarding the rights of lesbian women. In spite of the difficulties their characters go through, the stories have a lot of humor, a tour of the city, and some soccer!

And my personal favorite made all the more perfect for this World Cup season as it is from Germany, the country definitely in the final round…

index Guys & Balls (2004) directed by Sherry Hormann
Already under pressure for playing badly, Ecki is thrown off the soccer team when his homophobic team-members find out that he is gay. With the help of his sister, Susan, and a cranky former soccer star, Karl, he forms an all-gay soccer team and challenges his old team in a grudge match. Ecki’s journey into self-realization is filled with wonderful surprises and interesting characters in this delightful romantic comedy.


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DVD of the Week – Red Without Blue

“I really don’t think that I was born in this world as a man or as a woman. I think the process of changing was the path I was born into.” –Clair Farley

RedWithoutBlue“Red Without Blue” is a groundbreaking documentary that chronicles the lives of two identical twins, Mark and Alex, as Alex transitions from a man to a woman named Clair. Covering a three year period, this film documents the twins’ lives as they work to redefine their family. Through candid interviews, Mark and Clair recount their difficult past and their current efforts to find themselves. As Mark and Clair reassert their bond as identical twins, they also question the normative standards of identity and gender.

The GLBT Student Support Services Office is screening a new film!

Film: What’s the T
When: Thursday, March 6th at 7:30pm
Where: Rose Residence Hall B111, Indiana University

“What’s the T” follows the lives of five transgender women and explores the problems and triumphs they experience on a daily basis. Immediately afterward there will be a small panel to discuss the film’s content and transgender issues at large.

Find out more about the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/656546337735020/?ref=22on

DVD of the Week – Fish Out of Water

In an origiFishoutofWaternal and humorous way, Fish Out of Water tackles the seven Bible verses used to condemn homosexuality and justify marriage discrimination. Using animated illustrations as well as discussions with celebrated scholars, Director Ky Dickens shows how these passages are often misinterpreted and misquoted in regard to same-sex relationships.

Through interviews with hundreds of LGBT people, viewers are able to learn more about individual experiences with faith and sexuality. These interviews offer unique viewpoints that span across culture, race, age, socio-economic status, and religion.

Fish Out of Water is an accessible and engaging documentary that discredits conventional arguments of hate and gives a voice to the oppressed.

Find the DVD at the GLBT Library!

Check out the trailer here: http://www.fishoutofwaterfilm.com/trailer.html

DVD of the Week – Behind the Candelabra

BehindtheCandelabra_GLBTlibAs someone who watched Liberace (the RuPaul of the 50’s) on TV with my grandmother, I was fascinated to  view this film which spans the life of an outrageous entertainer and an amazing pianist. “Lee” as he was affectionately known by hundreds of blue-haired grandmas (and scores of closeted little and big boys) gave meaning to the word ‘flamboyant’. And, yet, this incredible entertainer lived a closeted existence until his death from AIDS. The story of his life and one significant relationship is skillfully played by Mike Douglas (Lee) and Matt Damon (his lover) and the commentary after the film is as fascinating as the film itself. To hear Douglas speak about playing the role of his former neighbor and to hear Damon talk about his first role as ‘the gay lover’ is very revealing. For anyone who remembers the 1950’s, it’s fascinating to consider how far we’ve come as you watch Douglas and Damon’s portrayal of Liberace’s life. To hear their commentary following the film is equally important. People magazine gives this 4 stars. I agree. A worthwhile hour and a half for young and old, gay and straight.

Written by: Doug Bauder, GLBTSSS Office Coordinator