Dreaming of Springtime

This morning we woke up to a campus which looks quite similar to this scene from 1943…

December 27, 1943

For those of you you aren’t exactly embracing this, close your eyes and envision the following in the words of IU alumna Edith Hennel Ellis (1911) about campus:

” It is more than a thing of beauty. Its trees are sanctuaries under which old men may dream dreams and young men may see visions. Certain scenes stamp themselves indelibly upon the mind: lingering shadows of tall trees creeping across the grass on long summer afternoons;… masses of of Forsythia bursting into sudden yellow bloom; and that loveliest of all Indiana springtime pictures, white dogwood and pink red bud blooming against a green background of maples.” (Indiana University Alumni Quarterly, Vol. XVI No.3, p.331)

Author- Carrie Schwier

Public Services and Outreach Archivist, Indiana University Archives.

4 thoughts on “Dreaming of Springtime”

  1. I stumbled upon you looking for pictures of dogwood! I am an alumna; Bloomington, 1977. I will come back and browse your collection when I have more time. Thanks for being here!

  2. Nice to read the quote from Edith Hennel Ellis. I read about her in a book titled “Letters From Honeyhill” by Cecilia Hennel Hendricks, edited by Cecilia Hendricks Wahl. Published a long time ago but very interesting reading. The late Ms. Hendricks was a professor emeritus of IU and lived for many years in Wyoming, where her husband ran a bee farm. Edith Ellis was her sister.

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