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Travel Postcards

A few days from now I’ll be sitting on a sunny beach somewhere with my toes in the sand and it got me thinking about travel postcards. Did anyone else meticulously send everyone they knew postcards when they were a kid on family vacation?

Washington Monument, postmarked June 18, 1943


The following are a few fun postcards we happened to have on hand, drawn from our Hennel Hendricks collection. This collection, still in process, holds the personal and family papers of Cecilia Hennel Hendricks, late Associate Professor of English, and her sister Cora B. Hennel, late Professor of Mathematics.

Postmarked Hayward, Wisconsin August 24th, 1943
Postmarked Hanover, New Hampshire, March 17, 1943


  • Joana says:

    Even if I sent only a few postcards some years ago, I love old vintage postcards. They definitely have a certain charm. Now I use postcard for my graphic design projects.

  • Beautiful blog post Carrie! I feel like with today’s internet craze we’ve lost interest in letters and postcards. My friends would rather just tell me on Facebook how wonderful they are doing in Spain than send a postcard. It’s really sad too because I love letters and postcards. Plus when you mail one to someone they are always happily surprised to see it. I think more people should.

  • Carrie Schwier says:

    Hi Nancy! I’m so excited that you came across our post! If you want to come see the collection we are located in the IUB Wells library and our hours are Monday-Friday 8-5, and Saturdays 10-2pm (by appointment). Just let us know when you would like to head our way and I’ll put you on the schedule. I’m going to email you a draft inventory of the collection to give you more of an idea of what it contains!

  • Nancy Hendricks Cahill says:

    Hi Carrie,
    My name is Nancy Hendricks Cahill and I am the granddaughter of Cecilia Hennel Hendricks. I did not know there was a Hennel Hendricks collection at IU. Could you please write me back and tell me where I could view this collection? Obviously, this is very emotional for me.
    thank you,

  • Great post, I love being able to look at the old postcards. I always loved getting postcards from friends on vacation in the mail.

  • Hi Carrie,
    Interesting Post, The most successful businesses of today have implemented postcard marketing on their advertising strategies many times throughout their stay in the industry. With such popularity, do you ever wonder when postcards were first used?
    BTW great blogpost

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