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TwitterQuest and the Alliance of Bloomington Museums (ABM)

This spring, the Alliance of Bloomington Museums (ABM), of which the Archives is a member, applied for and received a special grant through IU Arts Week Everywhere 2012 to  design and implement a social media scavenger hunt called TwitterQuest, which aims to encourage IU students and the general public to visit Bloomington’s museums and special collections. Beginning today and continuing on weekdays through April 18th, a clue relating to either an exhibit or artifact at each museum will be tweeted or posted to Facebook. Daily prizes of Starbuck’s gift cards will be awarded to the first three participants to answer the clue correctly and all participants will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing for a Kindle Fire!

Held annually for nearly 30 years, Arts Week seeks to highlight “the diversity of arts on campus and in our community. From live stage performances, music, theater, film, dance, and visual arts exhibits held in some of the best arts venues in the country to improv flash mobs and impromptu concerts scattered throughout Indiana University’s beautiful campus, AWE 2012 celebrates both the traditional and the unexpected. AWE 2012’s goal is to provide gateway experiences to the arts by bringing the arts and the artists to new audiences…”

Other related events sponsored by the representative ABM member insitutions include the exhibit Garden Glamour: A Floral Fashion Frenzy drawn from the collections of the Elizabeth Sage Historic Costume Collection; Science of Art: Nature’s Palette at Wonderlab; MFA / BFA Student Exhibits at the Grunwald Gallery of Art; Hutton Honors College Student led tours of the IU Art Museum;

Design for the Samples Gates by architects Eggers & Higgins, ca. 1967

and of particular note to readers of THIS blog, the IU Archives exhibit “‘A Coming In, Never a Going Out’: The Vision of the Kirkwood Gateway.”

For more information about these events and many more, either visit the Arts Week Everywhere webpage, follow them on Facebook or Twitter, or download the mobile app created for the event.


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