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New exhibit! “I will have much to tell”: Eyewitness to History

"Verdun Across the Meuse"
“Verdun Across the Meuse” Photograph taken by IU alum and Red Cross leader Ernest Bicknell of the destruction in Europe post-WWI.

Everyday people experiencing not everyday scenes – that is what one finds in the personal papers of the “every man” throughout archival repositories worldwide. They record these experiences in letters, diaries, scrapbooks, and photos and the resulting materials provide us, so many years later, with the opportunity to relive the happenings through their eyes.

This exhibit highlights selections from the Indiana University Archives collections. In these, the creators recorded what they saw, thought, heard, or did. While some of their experiences hold primarily local import, such as IU freshman Ralph Garriott’s witnessing of the dreaded hair cutting hazing on campus, others share stories of worldwide significance, such as WWI Red Cross leader Ernest Bicknell’s visual portrayal of the aftermath of war in Europe.

Please stop by the Archives in Wells E460 to view this new exhibit!

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