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Life and Death and the Population Institute for Research and Training

The Population Institute for Research and Training (PIRT) was founded in 1986 on Indiana University’s campus to promote and facilitate the study of demography.  As such, PIRT’s research focused on major milestone events in life, none of which are more important than birth and death.  These two essential factors of population created two of the largest research areas for PIRT’s working papers series.

PIRT hosted a “Cause of Death” conference in 1993, which brought together scholars and researchers discussing the practical and social issues of mortality.  The conference and the papers associated with it inspired the coordination of a special Cause of Death issue of the Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, published in 1999. Articles addressed the causes of death across a variety of times and places; titles included:


The Development of Reporting Systems for Causes of Death in Denmark, HANS CHRISTIAN JOHANSEN
National Statistics on the Causes of Death in Nineteenth-Century Bavaria, MICHAEL STOLBERG
Premises, Premises: Comments on the Comparability of Classifications, STEPHEN J. KUNITZ
Medical Causes of Death in Preindustrial Europe: Some Historiographical Considerations, JON ARRIZABALAGA
Nosology, Mortality, and Disease Theory in the Eighteenth Century, MARGARET DELACY
The full text of the journal is available at

PIRT also coordinated the efforts of a Fertility Working Group, which researched birth in a variety of populations.  The group produced thirteen papers in conjunction with the Fertility Working Group Project, which was completed in 1984.  These papers examined several social factors to find their correlation with fertility.  A few of them include:

Female Employment and Fertility in Developed Countries, JAN F. BRAZZELL
Origin-Destination Comparisons of Migrant and Stayer Fertility Differentials: The Case of Brazil, HUGO M. HERVITZ
Urbanization and Rural-to-Urban Migration in Relation to Less Developed Country Fertility, GEORGE J. STOLNITZ
Nuptiality and Fertility in Less Developed Countries, ELYCE ROTELLA
Old Age Security and Fertility, DAVID WILDASIN

These papers and the entire working papers series produced by the Population Institute of Research and Training are now available for research in the University Archives along with other administrative records of the Institute. Contact the Archives for further information!

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