Campus mystery

Okay, friends, when we started this blog, we said we would ask for help from time to time. Well, here we are!

Our Photographs Curator has been stumped by this for some time. Can you help put his mind to rest and help us identify the pyramid-like structure in this image?

This detail comes from a large panoramic shot of the “new” 10th Street Stadium in 1924 (now home to the Arboretum). On the far left you can see the south bleachers and the pyramid-like structure would be about where the present-day Radio & TV Building is located.

Brad has contacted several people over the years in hopes of receiving some help in identifying the structure but thus far has had no luck. It doesn’t show up in campus maps and he has not uncovered any other documentation about it. Anybody have any thoughts?

New Photo Collection web site!

Limestone and train, circa 1910. (P0020047) The database also includes images of the surrounding community.

The rich history and culture of Indiana University and its regional campuses are captured in a collection of approximately two million images held by IU Archives. With the launch of the new Archives Photo Collection website, users will be able to more easily search that collection for specific images.

The site allows users to discover photos in the collection’s database – currently 4,000 catalogued images and increasing daily – in a variety of ways. Users can search the descriptive terms provided for each image, or browse the entire collection by dates; personal, building or event names; topics; or photographer/studio. The site also features an option, “My Selections,” to temporarily store images that users have selected. Users have the option to order a print or higher-resolution scan of the original image.

Students "clearly" thrilled to sit for a photo for the 1971 telephone directory. (P0024078)

The vast majority of images in the IU Archives Photo Collection were shot by IU’s Extension Division, Photographic Services Department, Athletic Department, and News Bureau. Many of the photographers employed by these departments have become well known for their work, including Will Counts, Barney Cowherd, Jerry Uelsmann, Jerry Mitchell, Jack Welpott, Clarence Flaten, Dave Repp, Ralph “Porky” Veal, and Ric Cradick. Other images in the collection were shot mostly by local professional photographers, alumni, and faculty.

The images and web site are hosted by the IU Digital Library Program.

Any questions? Please contact the Archives Photographs Curator, Brad Cook.

New Exhibit! “Cushman’s Curiosity in Black and White”

Limestone Quarry. Bedford, Indiana, 1933.
Limestone Quarry. Bedford, Indiana, 1933.

Many organizations and individuals in the United States and Europe are now familiar with the name, Charles W. Cushman. Cushman graduated from Indiana University in 1917 and his color photographs dating from 1938 through 1969 have been widely viewed and utilized in documentaries, books, newspapers, magazines & websites across two continents. However, most people are completely unaware that Cushman was also shooting high-quality black and white images well before 1938 through the early 1940s.

This exhibit highlights some of Cushman’s finest black and white images as well as examples of the notes he kept, other documents, and camera equipment.

We invite you to stop by the Archives (Wells Library E460) through September 30, 2011 to view this exhibit.

If you are unfamiliar with Cushman’s works in color, then please visit the Charles Cushman website at

For more information contact Brad Cook, Curator of Photographs
Office of University Archives and Records Management
Herman B Wells Library E460
Bloomington, Indiana 47405

Last chance for Borkenstein!

Our Borkenstein exhibit comes down this weekend, so if you haven’t had a chance to see it, stop in! Next up: “Cushman’s Curiosity in Black and White”! Our Curator of Photographs, Brad Cook, will be installing an exhibit of the black and whites from our Charles Cushman collection.

Corbin, KY to Miami. 1939.