IUCAT Beta How-To: Tell Us What You Think

We welcome feedback with suggestions, questions, issues, and compliments on your experiences using the new IUCAT Beta interface.  We ask that you use our feedback form, embedded on the IUCAT Beta interface.  You can also access this form through the Contact Us page on this site.

Please note that the IUCAT feedback email address (iucat@indiana.edu) will be retired on March 8th, 2013.  This is in an effort to streamline our feedback collection process.  Please see the Submitting a screen shot in the feedback form section of this post for details on how to submit screen shots in the IUCAT Beta feedback form.

IUCAT Beta Feedback Form

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Accessing the IUCAT Beta Feedback Form

There are two ways to access this form:

  • Feedback form. You can find an in-text link on the main of the IUCAT Beta interface (in the All IU Libraries view, as well as individual campus views).  Clicking this link will take you to the IUCAT Beta feedback form.

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  • Ask a Librarian feature.  This link can be found in the task bar in the top right-hand corner of your screen, between My Account and Selected Items. This is the preferred way to send us your feedback because your submission is received with the URL of the screen you were viewing when you sent your feedback message.

2-27-2013 9-15-58 AM

Once you have selected the Ask A Librarian link, select Report error/Ask a research question to provide your feedback. Use the screen shot below to guide you.

2-27-2013 9-21-46 AM

Note: This example is taken from the All IU Libraries view.  You will still use the Report error/Ask a research question link in the Ask a Librarian feature within the individual campus views.

Submitting a Screen Shot in the Feedback Form

Should you wish to submit a screen shot as part of your feedback, there are two ways to do this:

  • Insert the URL of the bibliographic record in the Message section of the feedback form.  Note: The URLs of search results are not stable.  Therefore, they cannot be used to submit a screen shot of search results.
  • Insert a Jing URL in the Message section of the feedback form.  This is the preferred method for submitting a screen shot of search results screens.

Stay tuned to the IUCAT Beta blog for the latest news, resources and information.  Send your comments, questions, and suggestions through our feedback form.

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