New Feature: Browse by Call Number

Like most libraries, IU Libraries organizes its resources by assigning call numbers and shelving the resources by this number.

Call Numbers at Indiana University

Each item in the library (i.e. books, journals, DVDs, etc.) has a unique call number.  The call number is taped to the front or side of an item and is also shown in IUCAT Beta.  You can find the call number in the holdings section of the bibliographic record.


Note: For more detailed information about call numbers at IU, visit our FAQ article on the subject.

Call numbers are helpful to find items on the shelf.  They are systematically created in order to facilitate browsing.  Resources that are related to each other are given similar call numbers so that similar subjects and topics are shelved near each other.

Browse By Call Number

IUCAT Beta offers a way to virtually browse all IU Libraries with the Browse by Call number feature.  From the bibliographic record of an item in IUCAT Beta, the Browse by Call number box appears in the left side bar.  Items that would appear next to the displayed item on a physical shelf are displayed in the Browse by Call number box.  See the example below:

2-20-2013 8-29-57 AM


Using the Browse By Call Number Feature

To virtually browse the call numbers, there are three navigational features to help guide you.

2-26-2013 1-14-11 PM

Item Title (yellow): By clicking on the Item Title (linked red text), you can view the bibliographic record of an item on the virtual shelf.

Previous (red): By clicking Previous, you can view the previous five records on the virtual shelf.

Next (blue): By clicking Next, you can view the next five records on the virtual shelf.

One of the advantages of the Browse by Call Number feature: it doesn’t matter in which library the item is located; the related resources are discoverable no matter the physical location.  Browse by Call Number creates a virtual shelf that allows a user to see materials in many libraries.

You can also use Browse By Call Number feature to find materials at other libraries with the IU system.  Using the Browse By Call Number feature, you can locate an item at another library and request that it be delivered to an IU library of your choice using the Request Delivery function within the item’s bibliographic record.

Additionally, the Browse by Call Number feature does not use any limiters from the original search.  This means that if you did search by title, author OR used any of the facets (e.g. publication year, format, campus), these limits are not considered as part of the Browse By Call Number feature.  For example, in the screen shot above, there are titles in the Browse By Call Number feature in Flemish, English and Dutch.  This is because Browse By Call Number only groups by similar subject.

Stay tuned to the IUCAT Beta blog for the latest news, resources and information.  Send your comments, questions, and suggestions through our feedback form.

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