New Feature in IUCAT Beta: Selected Items

The Selected Items feature in IUCAT Beta helps manage search results. You can use this feature to select multiple search results to view as a list for emailing, citing or printing.  In order to use Selected Items, you must first select the titles from your search results that you wish to view as a list to email, cite, or print.

Selecting Items

Checkboxes are located on the right side of the screen allow you to select multiple items. Click on a checkbox to select an item. You can also use Select All to select multiple items in one click.

How to Select Items

Note: Select All will only select the results shown on the page.  Use the page navigation function to select results on different pages (see the screen shot below).

Page Navigation

Functions in the Selected Items List

Once you’ve selected the results you wish to view as a list, navigate to the Selected Items menu option in the top right corner of the screen.

Selected Items

From this page, you can perform a variety of functions:

  • View a list of citations (MLA, APA, Chicago Style)
  • Export the list of Selected Items to RefWorks
  • Export the list of Selected Items to EndNote
  • Email the list of Selected Items

The Selected Items list does not save your selected search results.  Once you close the browser window, or navigate away from the IUCAT Beta page (this includes closing a browser tab), the selected search results will be lost.

Two ohter features include clearing selected items, and printing.  You can use the Clear Selected Items to clear single or multiple results, using the checkboxes on the right side of the interface.  You may also print the list of Selected Items.  Currently, there is no default print function in the Selected Items list, but you can print a print-friendly page using your browser’s print function.

Stay tuned to the IUCAT Beta blog for the latest news, resources and information.  Send your comments, questions, and suggestions through our feedback form.


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