Adapting Media into Films: What Works and What Doesn’t

When books are adapted to movies, it’s impossible to copy the original word for word. Often times subplots, scenes or other elements in the book are left out of the film to meet an acceptable runtime, and this can harm a reader’s appreciate of the film version. Since a book is interpreted differently by all who read it, it’s impossible for the person adapting the work to please every member of the audience. When I watch an adaptation of a book, I’ll often walk out thinking “man, I wish this was more like how I imagined it,” but there’s one movie adaptation that is so faithful to the source material that audiences everywhere thought “man, I wish I imagined the book more like that!” This adaptation is Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy, based off of J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic fantasy novels

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The Media Services Top 10 Films of 2016

Media Beat Blog Header2016 has been all over the board in film- many disappointments, many surprises, and now it’s time to forget all of the bad films and just focus on the ones that spoke to us. Film is an art that allows people to connect, listen to stories, and learn about characters, and sometimes, even learn about ourselves. We asked our staff and coworkers this week to send in their favorite ten films of 2016, and using an algorithm, combined the lists into one Top 10 that takes into account everybody’s vote for every movie. What follows is the official Media Services Top 10 Films of 2016…

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The Female Gaze

Media Beat Blog HeaderSo, the United States of America didn’t end up electing a female president… the president-elect we do have thinks Time Magazine’s Person of the Year should go back to Man of the Year. Women are, on the whole, paid less per dollar than men for doing the same job, and their reproductive rights are constantly under attack. 2016 was a great year for the unchecked egos of certain male figures, but a bummer for ladies and those who support them…

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American Political Shows and Movies to Get Your Mind Off of American Politics

776Media Beat Blog HeaderWith the recent election and a newly elected president, there have been many talks about politics. Here are some of the items we have in our collection with a focus on all that good political stuff (or you can watch these to get your mind off of the most recent election! Whichever you prefer, here are some quality pieces of entertainment for you, at the Media Services Library in Wells)…

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Five Dystopian Films to Put on in the Background While You Plan the Revolution

8776Media Beat Blog HeaderEarly Wednesday morning, it was announced that the American public unpopularly chose to elect Donald Trump as their 45th commander-in-chief, ushering in a demagogic nightmare period wherein people are already being attacked and assaulted for their difference (TW: racism, misogyny). Many people are understandably responding with grief, fear and general anxiety to the symbolic (and soon to be material) victory of a racist, misogynist Grand Ole Party monster, and some are even … organizing! Protests are springing up across the nation in the wake of Trump’s election. After the public demonstration of your disturbed sentiment, though, you may be thinking “now what? How are we going to navigate this potential dystopian future?” Well, we here at Media Services have prognosticated your pleas and prepared for you our list of five dystopian films to play in the background while you and your friends gather ‘round the holiday hearth and plan the revolution…

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When A Movie Memes: An Exercise In Relevance

6Media Beat Blog HeaderThe end goal of nearly every movie is to make money and have a staying power within them to continue to make money throughout the years. In other words, a movie production company wants their films to stick around and stay relevant for a while so they can continue to keep the lights on in their studios, and by far the most effective way to ensure that your work will make money in this day and age is to make it into a meme-level masterpiece…
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Need New Shows to Binge On? Look No Further!

4Media Beat Blog HeaderThis time of the year is great for several reasons…The weather is finally transitioning from the suffocating heat of the summer to the invigorating beauty of fall, the impending celebration of Halloween is sure to motivate people to tap into their imaginative side and get creative with their costumes, and of course…pumpkin everything. However, nothing quite compares to the joy of finding new shows to binge on or obsess over, and with this time of the year comes new TV shows! So here to help you find your new addiction is a compilation of several recently released/soon to be released shows…

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Remake, Reboot, Prequel, Sequel…?!

3Media Beat Blog HeaderThese days our theaters are flooded with movie ideas both new, old and something else entirely. As many have come to realize, not all of these films are original ideas; a lot of movies are reboots of a franchise, remakes of a classic, or simply continuations of other movies, either with a prequel or sequel, or spin-off. I’d like to point to two of the more recent additions from this year: Blair Witch and The Magnificent Seven

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A Spotlight on DreamWorks Animated Films

5Media Beat Blog HeaderDreamWorks Animation is a popular and continuously growing competitor of Pixar, Blue Sky, Disney Animation, etc. at the forefront of modern animated films. With iconic films such as Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Madagascar, and Kung Fu Panda, DreamWorks have turned box office hits into massive franchises totaling over 1 Billion Dollars in box office gross… each.With those films stealing the spotlight, however, it’s also important to remember the smaller films that DreamWorks Animation has made- and even though these films might not be remembered to be the “classics” that Shrek or Madagascar are in the animated films world, they are still important to watch and enjoy as they’re responsible for helping earn DreamWorks the status that they have…

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