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ALA Fact Sheet: Video and Copyright

Oh my, there goes that controversial word again “copyright.” However, the American Library Association (ALA) presents an easy to understand fact sheet for all librarians and educators.  Give it a look-see!

ALA Library Fact Sheet 7:  Video and Copyright

Aha! In retrospect, I realized that I could be here all day posting related links and articles about the wonderful world of copyright. Instead, I will post a few links that you may find useful:

Indiana University Libraries Copyright

Section 108 of the Copyright Code Spinner:  Reproductions by Libraries and Archives for their Users, Replacement, or for Preservation

What Rights Come with that Movie:  Backtalk  (Library Journal)

The truth is that copyright is a topic that continues to be discussed ad nauseam.  I will keep you posted with new developments as they happen.

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