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New Titles–August 20th




African Prince Manuwalde, introduced to Count Dracula at a party, pleads for the Count’s assistance in freeing his people from the slave trade. Dracula is so incensed at the request he vampirizes, curses, and imprisons Manuwalde in a coffin in the dungeon. Two hundred years later the contents of Castle Dracula are bought and shipped back to the US by antique dealers. Among these is Manuwalde’s coffin. He is accidentally set free when this is opened. Making his way onto the nightclub scene, Manuwalde pursues a girl that he believes to be the reincarnation of his wife.



Based on Ross MacDonald’s “The moving target,” hard-boiled private investigator Lew Harper is hired to locate a missing millionaire.



A man is appointed by God to carry out a crucial mission of rescue before a calamitous flood destroys the world.


The Way Way Back

While fourteen year old Duncan is being dragged on a family trip with his mom and her overbearing boyfriend, he finds a gregarious friend at a local water park. The two form a powerful bond as Duncan learns to swim through the challenges of life, love, family and friendship, resulting in a vacation he’ll never forget.

TV Series


House of Cards, Season 1

Season one of the Netflix original series House of Cards. Frank Underwood is a cunning career politician. Zoe Barnes is an ambitious young journalist. Together they forge a partnership that trades powerful secrets for political access, and so much more.


Orange is the New Black, Season 1

Follows Brooklynite Piper Chapman, whose wild past comes back to haunt her and results in her arrest and detention in a federal penitentiary. To pay her debt to society, Piper trades her comfortable New York life for an orange prison jumpsuit and finds unexpected conflict and camaraderie amidst an eccentric group of inmates.


Parks and Recreation, Season 5

Leslie Knope takes on new challenges as the newly-elected city councilwoman of Pawnee, Indiana. She stands her ground for what she believes in and puts up a strong fight, all while balancing her personal relationship with Ben and planning for a wedding. Meanwhile, assistant Andy pursues a career in law enforcement, Ann makes a dramatic life decision, and Ron is smitten with a new lady.

Foreign Films



Dharma, an honest farmer, leaves his village home with his family to seek urban employment with Ajit Singh, a shady businessman. Dharma and his family suffer gravely from Ajit Singh’s crooked dealings, and thereafter vengeance becomes the dominant theme of the plot. (image from


Krantikala: Critical Encounter

Based on the eponymous story by Prafulla Roy, the film zeroes in on some pertinent questions about the rise of terrorism and the factors that have contributed to its growth. The drama unfolds in a span of 48 hours with an armed terrorist storming a decadent princely household to escape the police. The encounter between the former royals and the fugitive brings forth issues of democracy and feudalism, of strife, tolerance and non-violence. (image from


Shree 420

An innocent–downright simple–young man comes to Bombay and has his mettle severely tested by the squalor and pace of the big city.



Brain Gain

Documentary on some of Africa’s best and brightest who were educated in Africa and stayed their to educate the next generation. (image from


Silverlake Life

An extraordinary video diary of living with AIDS. Told with guts and humor by longtime companions Tom Joslin and Mark Massi, this powerful documentary celebrates the human spirit while capturing the emotional challenges of living with a fatal illness.


Une Derniere Chance (Last Chance)

Paul Émile D’Entremont travels the world to tell the stories of five asylum seekers who flee their native countries to escape homophobic violence. They face hurdles integrating into Canada, fear deportation and anxiously await a decision that will change their lives forever. (image from

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