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Inventory Discoveries

Here at Media Services in Wells Library at IU Bloomington, we’re in the midst of an inventory project. Its not fun, but it will help our patrons more easily access our collections and find the films they want.

Combing through our entire inventory has the upside of revealing some hidden gems from our foreign film collection. Below are a few foreign language finds you can check out today at Media Services!


In this fun mix of Gossip Girl and The Devil Wears Prada, four friends venture into the glamorous world of Shanghai high fashion in this 2013 offering. Based on the novel by Guo Jingming, who also directed the film. It may not have received the best reviews, but who can resist the beautiful clothes?


After an experiment with human hibernation goes wrong, two Polish men wake up in 2044 to discover that they are the last men in a post-nuclear matriarchal dystopia in Sex Mission. They must fight to restore balance to humanity. This cult hit (1984) is actually one of Poland’s most popular and successful films and is widely read as an allegory for the oppressive Soviet regime. (NB: Never Google image search Sex Mission on your work computer).


Maybe its the Czechophile in me, but I cannot resist this sweeping romantic epic set during the German occupation of the former Czechoslovakia. This 2003 offering is one of the more serious entries on the list.


A dog-loving gang hires a masterless samurai to kill a local cat. The samurai, played by Kazuki Kitamura, finds that he cannot kill the cat, thus causing conflict with the dog-lovers in the appropriately-titled Samurai Cat. Who could blame him! Even if you don’t understand a word of this 2014 Japanese film, you’ll be enchanted by the gorgeous white cat at the center of the film.


This 1984 Hong Kong film is called Wheels on Meals. You read that right– after a string of bombs starting with “M,” superstitious studio execs switched the title around to avoid another stinker. This martial arts comedy film, starring Jackie Chan, revolves around the antics of two men who run a food truck in Barcelona.


The darling of the 2005 New York Film Festival, this Japanese film concerns a group of film students making a movie and pondering Albert Camus’s classic novel, The Stranger.

Check out these great foreign language titles and more at IU Media Services!


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