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April Happenings

Every month at media services, we put up a display of media items that represent the given month. While there are many things happening in April, we decided to highlight some of the biggest and important ones. Listed below are five categories with sample DVDs linked alongside.

IU Day

Held online on April 12th this event is a worldwide celebration of Indiana University. It will include binge-watching, social media engagement, IU gear and gift-giving extravaganza.

Cutters of Stone

Make your own kind of music

Autism/Parkinson’s Awareness Month

April is also Autism and Parkinson’s Awareness month. Events and ceremonies will be held to shine light and to promote awareness, acceptance and draw attention to the tens of thousands facing a diagnosis each year.

My Father, my brother & me

Autism: The Musical

Earth Month

In honor of Earth Day happening in late April, we have put together a collection of DVD’s that help educate people of the importance of keeping our planet healthy and clean.

Earth: The Biography

Climate change, our responsibility

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

This is in honor of the movement to end sexual violence and educate others about sexual assault and how to combat it. On our display are documentaries about how this issue is especially prevalent on college campuses and how drugs and alcohol come into play.

Ending the silent war

It’s not about sex

National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month is the largest literary celebration in the world. It marks the importance of poetry in our culture and lives.

Born out of darkness


Enjoy- PE

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