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Disney’s Long Awaited Sequels and Prequels


Who doesn’t love a good Disney movie?! I know I do! In case some of you were wondering, YES the rumors of their movies are in fact true. I’m sure many of you are well aware of Finding Dory, the sequel to its 2003 Finding Nemo (PN1997.2 .F49 2003b), hitting theaters this Friday. However, this is only the beginning of some of your Disney favorites making a comeback.


Over the next four years or so, Disney is set to release many more movies including live action films, such as the Jungle Book released April of this year, sequels, and prequels. This list includes Cars 3, a live-action Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story 4, and the Incredibles 2 which is rumored that the characters will have aged real-time and will be centered around Jack-Jack Parr, the baby of the superfamily during its first movie.


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