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Shameless: A TV Show for Everyone

Recently, the show Shameless has become a household name recently as its popularity has skyrocketed. The story is set in Chicago and follows a dysfunctional family who runs into trouble wherever they go. The plot will keep you guessing and always has you on your toes as the surprises are endless…×081.jpg

This TV drama appeals to a large audience because there is something in it for everyone. Each character faces their own struggles. Whether that be eldest child Fiona who plays the maternal role of the family, to the youngest who accidentally takes a child from a birthday party, there is a character that is humorous, if not entirely relatable, to everyone. Amidst all of the absurd chaos that is a part of each episode, there is always an underlying message or subtle moral that hits home.

I got into this series because of the high number of people that told me to watch it, and it turned out to be a show that I couldn’t stop watching. Although much of what happens in the show itself is not very relatable, it’s hard not to sympathize with the characters or laugh at the situations they put themselves in.

If you’re interested, come check out the first few seasons of Shameless at Media Services in the ground floor of Wells Library!

-Sami Masaki

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