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Visually Captivating Video Games

With spring around the corner and a new console out for the masses to fawn upon, it is time for some visually stunning video games that are a treat to play as well as a treat for the eyes!…

  1. Okami– PS2, PS3

This game while a little older now since its release back in 2006, quickly became a sleeper hit for those with a PlayStation 2 game system where you take control of a wolf spirit and are tasked with bringing life back to the land. While some of the graphics may seem not as sophisticated, there was a remastered version made for the PlayStation 3.

2. Journey– PlayStation 3-4

This indie game focuses on the simple artistry and atmosphere of the protagonist travelling across a vast desert. It may seem simple at first but this game drew record sales across the world when it was made available. This is a great game to get lost in and to relax after a long day.

3.  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim– PC, PlayStation 3-4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

After the wild success of Oblivion, game publisher Bethesda released this game in 2011 and more recently remastered for the newer systems and released in October of last year. This game has a rich story combined with visually stunning environments which makes it that much more immersive. This game has tons of quests and side quests so one could play for hundreds of hours without finishing all the quests. So be sure to game responsibly!

We are lucky enough to have these titles and more at Media Services down at the Herman B Wells Library, so be sure to check out our growing collection!


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