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Three Holiday Comedies to Watch This Season

Winter Break is finally here! It’s time to relax and spend some time with family. After such a long semester, we all deserve it. If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs with nothing to do, check out some of the comedic holiday movies below!


Office Christmas Party. IMDb. 20 Dec 2018,

Summary: CEO (Jennifer Aniston) of Zenotek threatens to shut down her brother’s (T.J Miller) branch. In order to keep the branch open and save his employees, branch manager, Clay, throws a wild Holiday party to try to impress a potential client.

Watch if: You enjoy movies about partying or love SNL’s Kate McKinnon as much as I do.

Available at residential libraries on the IUB campus.


Bad Moms Christmas. IMDb. 20 Dec 2018,

Summary: This sequel to Bad Moms (2016) follows Amy, Kiki, and Carla through the stress of the holidays when their moms come into town. They attempt to create the perfect Christmas for their kids while trying to keep a stable relationship with their own mothers.

Watch if: Your family is a little crazy or you relate to an imperfect mother-daughter relationship.

Available at residential libraries on the IUB campus.


Daddy’s Home Two. IMDb. 20 Dec 2018,

Summary: Father (Dusty) and Stepfather (Brad) are determined to give their children the perfect Christmas. That is, until their own fathers show up. They end up in a luxury cabin with their families after a sudden change in plans and have an adventurous holiday.

Watch if: Your dad never let you touch the thermostat in your house growing up.

Available at residential libraries on the IUB campus. IS

Also, holiday classics and art films abound at the Media Services department! Here’s a list of selected titles (links will take you to IUCAT records):

It’s a Wonderful Life

Charlie Brown Christmas

Nattvardsgasterna (Winter Light)

Winter Solstice


Miracle on 34th Street

Isabella Salerno is a sophomore studying Political Science, American Studies, and Sociology. In her free time you can probably find her in a coffee shop around Bloomington.

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