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Taking a Break, Part Two: Escape to the Movies!

In Part One of the Taking A Break blog entry, I shared films that explore mindfulness and self-discovery. Sometimes, though, an escape to the movies is just the ticket. The complex world will still be there when we are done, and the positive emotions of a feel-good movie can refresh and revive our spirits. Below are some lighthearted, forgiving, comfortable, enjoyable, and pleasant movies to watch if you need this kind of break. (Film synopses from IUCAT unless otherwise specified.)

Film poster of an animated film, Robots, displaying various shaped robots

Robots (2011): With the help of his misfit mechanical friends, a small town robot named Rodney embarks on the adventure of a lifetime as he heads for the big city to pursue his dreams and ultimately proves that anyone can shine no matter what they’re made of.

Lilo and Stitch (2002): An evil creator has created a little creature by genetic experimentation. The creator and creature are sent to prison. The creature escapes and heads for Earth where he tries to impersonate a dog.

Animated image from the film, Lilo (young girl) and Stitch (alien)

Bent on self preservation, this dog-impersonator plans to use a human shield to protect him from the aliens sent to recapture him. Earth girl, Lilo, adopts the ‘dog, ‘ gives him the name Stitch, and actually develops an emotional attachment to the little creature. Lilo’s dysfunctional family consists only of her sister Nani, but the two are about to be ripped apart by social worker Cobra Bubbles. Stitch, as the new family member, brings quite some action into all their lives, and after a while not even the aliens can recognize their former target.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014): The adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend. The story involves the theft and recovery of a priceless Renaissance painting and the battle for an enormous family fortune.

Promotional film poster from the movie, The Princess Bride, a man and woman hold hands and touch foreheads

The Princess Bride (1987): A lowly stable boy, Westley, pledges his love to the beautiful Buttercup, only to be abducted and reportedly killed by pirates while Buttercup is betrothed to the evil Prince Humperdinck. Even as Buttercup herself is kidnapped by a giant, a scheming criminal mastermind, and a master Spanish swordsman, a mysterious masked pirate (could it be Westley?) follows in pursuit.

In Part Three of our series, we will look at some computer games that can also be a fun escape, so stay tuned!

This blog post and the upcoming “Taking a Break, Part Two,” are brought to you by guest student blogger and IU Media Services student staff member Duncan Hardy.

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