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Make the Most Out of Media Services: resources and services for you

If you are seeing this blog post, you may already be familiar with IU Media Services but not know everything we offer. Media Services is so much more than just a DVD library. Because of this, we want you to get the most out of Media Services. Here it a guide to the incredible services we offer to our amazing patrons:

Request a Purchase (All Patrons)

Is there a new movie or video game that you want to check out? Or is there a something that you think belongs in our collection but Media Services doesn’t own it? Lucky for you, we can purchase these types of items to add to our collection.

Users may recommend that the Libraries purchase a book, a journal subscription, access to an electronic resource, or other material for the collection.

Online Streaming Video Database

If you are unable to make it down to Media Services or just prefer streaming movies, you should check out our collection of streaming movies. In this LibGuide, you will find a list of streaming video collections and topical/subject selections made possible via the IUB Libraries. Here are a few of our most popular streaming resources that are available for out patrons:

  • Feature Films for Education offers hundreds of full-length feature films for educational instructional purposes. Brought to you in partnership with Global Eagle, this outstanding collection focuses on both current and hard-to-find titles, including dramas, literary adaptations, blockbusters, classics, science fiction, environmental titles, foreign films, social issues, animation studies, Academy Award® winners, and more.
  • Kanopy Features and Documentaries provides access to over 30,000 award-winning documentaries, feature and training films on every topic imaginable including Media Studies, Foreign Language, LBGTQ Studies, Psychology, Politics, Environmental, Literature. The collection offers films from Criterion Collection, PBS, Media Education Foundation, Film Ideas, First Run Features, New Day Films, California Newsreel and many independent filmmakers.
    • Some of the most popular titles include The Times of Harvey Milk, A Hard Day’s Night, Kiss Me, Hawking, Hoop Dreams, Miss Representation, Eraserhead, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and For the Bible Tells Me So
    • Faculty and instructors who assign required titles for classroom use will have priority access and approval.  Titles can be leased for one-to-three years based on the current budget.  Faculty and instructors must send an e-mail to Media Services if they wish to have a title renewed per academic year.
  • SWANK Feature Films provides access to major Hollywood and independent movie studio box-office hits for public performance in non-theatrical markets (markets outside theaters).
    • Swank represents Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, NBC Universal, New Line Cinema, Lionsgate, MGM, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and more.
    • The IUB Libraries provides access to a select list of titles required for class use only. Contact for purchase options.

Media Services Gaming Collection

Do you love video games, board games, or puzzles. If you do, we recommend you checking out our gaming collection. Patrons can check out a total of three video games for 7 days and these items can be renewed once. Board games and consoles do not circulate outside of Media Services. However, faculty may request to check out board games and consoles from Media Services for classroom use. Our Gaming Collection includes:

  • Contemporary Games (XBox, XBox 360, Playstation 2, 3, 4, Nintendo WII, WII U, and future formats as they become commercially available at a reasonable cost.)
  • PC Games (Restrictions for purchase:  must be commercially available for purchase, and can be used to support class instruction and leisure activities.)
  • Vintage Games (Atari 2600, NES, Sega Genesis, others.  Restrictions for purchase:  must be commercially available for purchase, and can be used to support class instruction and leisure activities.)
  • Board Games & Cards in IUCAT at Wells.
  • Video Games  in IUCAT at Wells.
  • Game Consoles in Wells include: 3DS XL, Atari Classic, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, PS, PS4, PSP-1001, Pong, Retron 5, Sega Genesis, Xbox, Xbox360, XboxOne, Wii and Wii U.

Course Materials: Readings & Media (Faculty & Instructors)

Are you an IU instructor looking to show a movie in class or have your students watch it outside of class? If so, our “Course Materials” page is the perfect place resource for you!

Services for faculty & instructors: print & media reserves, assistance with integrating licensed library content, streaming media, and media for screening in the classroom or in a library screening room.

This page includes:

  • Streaming Media: Instructors and faculty may also request required films be made available via streaming media for their courses.
  • Integrating Licensed Library Content: Canvas allows instructors to post complete articles as well as links to those articles. 
  • Screening Media: Faculty and instructors may request library-owned media items to view in their classroom or in one of three screening rooms at located at Wells Library.
  • Class Reserves: Class reserves are print or media materials that instructors have requested to be set aside for short-term use by students throughout the duration of a course.

Reserve Media Services Multimedia Room

If you are looking for a quiet space to meet with a group, finish up some homework, watch a movie, or play a video game, we recommend reserving one of our Multimedia Rooms. Here is an overview of our policies and equipment available in these rooms:

  • Open study space for individual or group study. Casual seating, eight tables have capacity for 4 people.
  • Four tables dedicated to board games have capacity for 4 people.
  • Large screen TV to highlight archival, and contemporary media collections.
  • Twelve media viewing carrels for MPDI, DVD, VHS, Laserdisc and ¾” U-Matic playback.
  • Four media rooms have capacity for 5 people, conference table, whiteboard, and collaborative technology.
  • Media room reservations for class use, faculty, and group study.
  • Media rooms cannot be used to hold office hours.
  • Priority use for viewing carrels, and media rooms are for media-related projects and viewings.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

The IUB Libraries will try to get materials from other libraries for you if we do not own what you are looking for. Any current faculty, staff, or student may use our free ILL service.

Media Services Twitter Account

Follow @IUBMediaService on Twitter to stay up to date with what movies we are currently playing, film news, and information about items in our collection.

Liz Sheldon is a senior studying Public Management and Leadership at the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs. She has been with Media Services since October 2021 and this is her third blog post.

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