New Titles — July 11

Foreign Films

qosh bol

Қош бол, Гүлсары! (Qosh bol, Gu̇lsary!)

Tanabay is a proud Kazakh war hero and loyal Communist who is pressured into taking a position as a herdsman in a collective farm in the Stalinist era after WWII. The pride and joy of the collective is a beautiful stallion named Gulsary. After Gulsary wins a race, the new commissar of the collective lays claim to the beloved and headstrong horse, which leads to a battle of a wills. Tanabay and Gulsary are both punished and separated for their refusal to bend to the rules of the Stalinist era.–IMDB



west badem

West Baden Springs: Save the Century

Follows the history of the West Baden Springs Hotel, from its construction in 1902, though the years as a playground for the wealthy and elite, to its closing due to the Depression, its subsequent use as a Jesuit seminary and a college campus for Northwood Institute, to its eventual restoration beginning in 1996 to an unequaled architectural gem and historic Indiana landmark.

french lick

Restoring the Legend: The French Lick Springs Hotel

Chronicles the hotel’s history and recent restoration through photographs and rare archival film. Examines the edifice and culture that Thomas Taggart built around the hotel’s mineral springs, and follows the days before the Depression, the convention years that followed, and the hotel’s eventual decline.

New Arrivals-June 20

Feature Films

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead


Living in the back room of his father’s doctors office, broke, frustrated ladies’ man Julian scores his big break when he lands the job directing an off Broadway version of Hamlet. Except it’s a bizarre adaptation written by a pale Romanian impresario named Theo who is actually a master vampire! Theo hopes to lure the real Hamlet out of hiding so the two can end a centuries long feud over Shakespeare’s Ophelia.


Hannah Takes the Stairs


Hannah, a restless college grad, spends a hot Chicago summer trying to figure it all out. Full of ambition and indecision, she’ll try to find a crush who can keep up with her and a project that will keep her stimulated, but she may just leave a trail of broken hearts.




Two pairs of parents, one of whose child has hurt the other at a public park, meet to discuss the matter in a civilized manner. However, the evening becomes quite chaotic as the parents become increasingly childish.


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New Arrivals–June 6

Feature Films



A chronicle of Martin Luther King’s campaign to secure equal voting rights via an epic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965.


kings of the evening

Kings of the Evening

After two years in jail, Homer Hobbs returns to his bleak urban home during the depths of the Great Depression. With no job, no prospects, and no hope, Homer finds a kinship with four strangers. On Sunday nights, in a dingy hall, the men of the neighborhood piece together the finest attire their meager lives can beg, borrow, or steal to compete in an unusual fashion contest.



Winsor McCay: The Master Edition

Winsor McCay was the first master of animation and one of its greatest and most influential artists. His creations — Little Nemo, the intrepid traveler in slumberland, and the mischievous Gertie the Dinosaur — were bona fide movie stars who continue to astonish audiences today.

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New Arrivals–May 29

Feature Films

still alice

Still Alice

A linguistics professor and her family find their bonds tested when she is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.



Fifty Shades of Grey

Literature student Anastasia Steele’s life changes forever when she meets handsome, yet tormented, billionaire Christian Grey.



Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America teams with the Black Widow and a new ally, the Falcon, in a fight for the future of mankind.

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Spring Madness: A Cinematic Kaleidoscope (Independent Film Movement Series)

March 28 – 29, 2015

Wells Library, Room 043

film movement

“More than ever, film choices are dictated to audiences by a smaller and smaller group of major studios, deciding which films to release based on superficial metrics that leave quality out of the equation. We created Film Movement because the system of releasing independent, foreign and documentary films needed a change. We believe that the only way to change the system is to reach out to film fans directly, to make the acclaimed independent films we love available everywhere you want to see them. At its heart, Film Movement is dedicated to providing intelligent, beautiful and compelling art to ever-growing audiences who want more than the standard Hollywood fare.”

~ Film Movement Series

Media & Reserve Services will host a two-day event bringing you continuous award-winning independent art films on Saturday, March 28, and Sunday, March 29, starting at 11:00am.

Light snacks provided.


Saturday, March 28

CHINA     11:00am – 12:45pm

The Piano in a Factory (105min.) DVD, 2011. Dir: Zhang Meng

piano in a factoryWhen Chen’s estranged wife reappears asking for a divorce and custody of their daughter, the musician girl decides she will live with whoever can provide her with a piano. Chen’s struggle thus begins. When efforts to borrow money and even steal a piano fail, Chen concocts a preposterous plan – he’ll make a piano from scratch! He persuades a bunch of reluctant, but loyal, misfit friends to help him forge the instrument in a derelict factory from a heap of scrap steel. Though crude in design and tune, the factory piano awaits its first and final performance from his little girl. In Mandarin with English subtitles. PN1997.2 .G3618 2011


COLUMBIA     12:50 – 2:20pm

La Sirga (90min.) DVD, 2013. Dir. William Vega

la sirgaAlicia is helpless. War memories invade her mind like threatening thunder. Uprooted by the armed conflict, she tries to reshape her life in La Sirga, a dilapidated hostel on the shores of a great lake in the highlands of the Andes. There, on a swampy and murky beach, she will try to settle down until her fears and the threat of war resurface again. In Spanish with English subtitles. PN1997.2 .S5555 2013

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New Arrivals–December 6

Feature Films

single white female

Single White Female

A young woman takes a roommate who seems to be working out well, until she discovers the roommate is beginning to take over her personality and life.

the grifters

The Grifters

Three con artists walk on the razor’s edge of life. Lilly has decided it’s time to get out, and wants her son out, too. But Roy has fallen for sleek Myra, who wants him for her partner.

TV Series

breaking bad 2

Breaking Bad: The Complete Second Season

A chemistry teacher diagnosed with a terminal lung cancer teams up with his former student to cook and sell crystal meth.

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New Titles — November 17th, 2014

Feature Films

the hole

The Hole

Liz Dunn and three of her prep school friends decide to hide in a long-abandoned bomb shelter to party and hang out. But when someone locks them in, anxious hours turn into desperate days and their spontaneous adventure turns into a bloody fight for survival.

Foreign Films

asha bhosle

Asha Bhosle: Golden Collection

Songs from popular Hindi motion pictures.


Actrius ; Amic/amat ; Un berenar a Ginebra

Actrius: A young drama student interviews three great actresses: an international diva, a television star and a dubbing director, and she discovers, in their memories, the grandeur and the misery of theatre.

Amic/mat: A mature and ill man, a medieval literature professor, has gone over his personal life and has decided, amongst his doubts, what he wants to leave others once he passes away.

Un berenar a Ginebra: In 1973, towards the end of the Franco regime, the famous Catalan writer Mercè Rodoreda bumped into the literary critic Josep Maria Castellet in Geneva where she lived exiled and she invited him to tea at her house. The writer was a most discrete person and maintained everything that concerned her wrapped in secrecy. Indeed she herself had become a secret or perhaps, even a maker of secrets. However that afternoon, strangely, she opened up and shared many intimacies.

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New Titles — November 10th, 2014

Feature Films

death wish

Death Wish

Bronson is an urban liberal who becomes a vigilante in search of the gang of thugs who raped his daughter and raped and murdered his wife.

hidden city

Hidden City

In London, a journalist and a picture researcher uncover a secret from the past and discover hidden aspects of the city.

romance with a double bass

Romance with a double bass

Smychov, a double-bass player, is on his way to play at the betrothal ball of a princess. Arriving at the palace too early on a hot summer’s day, he decides to take a quick skinny-dip in the royal lake. Unbeknownst to him, the Princess has decided to do the same

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November Staff Picks!


Some selections from our No Shave November shelf.

The horror flicks and campy, witchy TV series have been tucked back into the regular browsing stacks. The icy November wind has brought in a gust of new films for your perusal on the Staff Picks shelf, located across from the our front desk, centered around a few seasonal themes.  Here are some featured titles; let us know if you have any suggestions for films you’d like us to include!

Native American Heritage Month:

  • Long Journey Home, a documentary about the former chief of the Delaware tribe in Indiana.
  • Barking Water, a quirky road movie about an elderly native man reconnecting with his family and his past.
  • Up Heartbreak Hill, a PBS documentary following three Navajo teenagers at a reservation high school.

No-Shave November:


  • Pieces of April, a comedy of errors resulting when conservative suburban family’s prodigal daughter hosts their Thanksgiving dinner on the Lower East Side.
  • The Ice Storm, in which two Connecticut families find their lives spiral out of control over Thanksgiving weekend, 1973.
  • Capturing the Friedmans, a documentary about a family torn on Thanksgiving Day apart when the father and youngest son are charged with horrific crimes.

Wild Card:

  • Our fourth and final shelf will rotate weekly and take its theme from a holiday, actor’s birthday, or topical event that falls on that week. This week: it’s Matthew McConaughey’s birthday today, so expect only the rangiest, drawliest films with the most distant stares.

The Necessary Film and What it Means

When I was 19, I had very strong feelings about the 1997 Harmony Korine film Gummo. The film presents a fictionalized Ohio town, ravaged by tornado, drugs, poverty, and other cruelties, in a loose barrage of vignettes, some characters recurring and some appearing in raw visceral glimpses like sideshow performers seen through a tear in the tent. And a sideshow of depravity it is–twin skinheads beating each other up over shoes, barely pubescent boys killing neighborhood cats for money and huffing glue, toddlers in cowboy suits screaming obscenities in a junkyard, a murdered grandmother in an iron lung and her tremulously effeminate, be-mulleted grandson, a toe-less albino with a Patrick Swayze obsession–alternately shot on Hi-8 video, dizzying 8mm and 16mm amateur handhelds, and on 35mm with hypnotic fever dream virtuosity by French cinematographer Jean Yves Escoffier.

I had a poster the size of a pool table on my dorm room wall, and I could (and still can) quote it front to back.

It was also what I’ll call my Necessary Film: if someone wanted to date me, they had to watch Gummo and like it. To like me they had to like the dead cats, the gap-toothed rabbit boy with the accordion, the grinding death metal and warbling Roy Orbison soundtrack: all of it

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