Wes Anderson: “Rushmore”

“Rushmore” (1998), Movie Poster

In my last post about Wes Anderson’s debut short “Bottle Rocket” I introduced the themes of simplicity and nostalgia and talked about the literary quality of Anderson’s screen writing. This time around I’ll be moving into his second feature film “Rushmore” and attempting to explore these same themes and how they undergo transformation with Anderson tackling a bigger cast of characters focusing on a very different but similarly self-involved protagonist. Continue reading “Wes Anderson: “Rushmore””

Director Spotlight: Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson

Born Wesley Wales Anderson this filmmaker from Houston, Texas has in recent years become, in my humble opinion, one of the most innovative commercial film directors of the last decade. Granted, I have only been alive just shy of two decades, but still, the man is a genius: let’s talk about why.

In the early 90s,  just as he was about to graduate from The University of Austin Film School and armed with two of the best friends a man with his aspirations could ever wish for (The Wilson brothers, Owen and Luke, with whom he collaborated on several films), Wes co-wrote, directed, and produced a short film entitled “Bottle Rocket.”

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