Indiana University Cinema … A Place For Film™: Film Streaming at IU

I recently sat down with Barbara Ann O'Leary, #DirectedbyWomen founder, to provide an overview of free online streaming resources courtesy of IUB Libraries.  A special shout out to all Media Services' students who contribute immensely to Media Beat. -- Monique Threatt

Cinephiles in IU Cinema’s community on the lookout for intriguing film viewing opportunities have a treasure trove of online streaming resources available for free through IU Media Services at Indiana University Libraries

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Animated Films: Not Just Simply for Kids

While at first glance, animated films are generally biased towards young children; however, many of them use their light-hearted approach as a medium to depict deeper meanings that are more likely to be appreciated by an older audience. This trend of portraying an omnipresent theme throughout the entire film is exemplified by numerous major animation studios, including Pixar, Disney Animation, and Studio Ghibli. These themes are often times inspiring and are comprised as an effort to educate the viewer, regardless of age, with an uplifting message or life lesson. The expressions of these messages are normally illustrated through the representation of ubiquitous issues, symbolized within the film. Listed below are notable examples of children’s films with deeper meanings, and are available for checkout and Media Services…. Continue reading “Animated Films: Not Just Simply for Kids”

Get Out: A Terrifying Commentary on Racism

If you’ve been living under a rock for all of 2017, you might have missed how amazing, controversial, and successful Jordan Peele’s Get Out is. The film, which recently dropped to a 99% from a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, is a horror film in which the antagonist is not another person or “monster” but a concert. Racism. The rest of the blog does contain spoilers so proceed with caution. Like racism, some of the messages in the film are not explicitly laid out for its viewers to pick up on. Here are some of the subliminal messages you may have missed. I’ll be discussing five topics/themed that were displayed throughout the film: the “Black Buck”, African Americans and Law Enforcement, Separation, Slavery, and Conforming to Society…  Continue reading “Get Out: A Terrifying Commentary on Racism”

How to Celebrate National Panic Day

As I’m sure none of you are aware, Thursday, March 9th is National Panic Day, a day devoted to embracing the underlying panic that fills many of us on a daily basis, and in celebration of the constant fear we all live in, we here at Wells Library Media Services present to you the following horror flicks, so you can at least give your fear a name… Continue reading “How to Celebrate National Panic Day”

Films to Enlighten Regarding Refugee History

From the heartbreaking scenes of Syrians fleeing their war-torn home countries for Europe to President Trump’s controversial ban that briefly prevented refugees from entering the United States, refugees have dominated the news over the last few years. Displaced persons, asylum seekers, and forced migrants have also served as the subjects of riveting dramas and documentaries about refugeedom. For deeper insight into their fraught and often dangerous journeys, check out the following films available at IU Media Services…

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Some Past Oscar Winners to Catch Up On!

With the 89th Oscars showing on February 26th, people are trying to see all the nominated films before the big ceremony! While most of the films nominated for Best picture are still in theaters, there are 88 other years of great films for you to watch! Here is a small selection of wonderful films that are available at Media Services in Wells Library, so maybe you could have an old-fashioned Oscar party while watching these films! Continue reading “Some Past Oscar Winners to Catch Up On!”

Fantastic Mr. Fox: A Kid’s Film for Adults

Many of the works of the beloved children’s author Roald Dahl have found their way onto the silver screen. From Matilda to The BFG, Dahl’s written work has taken on a second life in the form of film. Perhaps this is because of how unique Dahl’s children’s fiction is, and how readily his material lends itself and adapts to the screen. Dahl’s work is distinctly mature for being stories meant for children. His stories are often darkly comedic and occasionally find themselves bordering the morbid. Anyone who has seen Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory knows that the wicked are punished, often brutally, for their impropriety. Dahl’s stories show how the good and the pure ultimately overcome the iniquitous and immoral. Such mature themes make it difficult to classify film adaptations of his work as “kid’s movies.” But that is the beauty of Dahl’s storytelling: he does not flinch from the notion that children can be adult, or that adults can be childish… Continue reading “Fantastic Mr. Fox: A Kid’s Film for Adults”

Adapting Media into Films: What Works and What Doesn’t

When books are adapted to movies, it’s impossible to copy the original word for word. Often times subplots, scenes or other elements in the book are left out of the film to meet an acceptable runtime, and this can harm a reader’s appreciate of the film version. Since a book is interpreted differently by all who read it, it’s impossible for the person adapting the work to please every member of the audience. When I watch an adaptation of a book, I’ll often walk out thinking “man, I wish this was more like how I imagined it,” but there’s one movie adaptation that is so faithful to the source material that audiences everywhere thought “man, I wish I imagined the book more like that!” This adaptation is Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy, based off of J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic fantasy novels

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