October’s topic: surveying the metadata landscape

The next meeting of the Metadata Discussion Group will be on October 11th. The topic is listed below with a short list of resources participants may choose to consult prior to the meeting.

DATE: Tuesday, October 11
TIME: 9:30—10:30
PLACE: Wells Library 043

TOPIC TO INVESTIGATE: What is the current metadata landscape?

  • An infographic of the metadata standards universe by Jenn Riley, Head, Carolina Digital Library and Archives at UNC, Chapel Hill
  • A conference keynote on moving data from libraries, archives, and museums to the web by Karen Coyle
  • A 3 minute video on how to contribute linked open data by the Free Your Metadata initiative


  • Quick recap of findings: what is the current metadata landscape? (15 mins)
  • Discuss where libraries, archives, and museums fit into the metadata landscape (45 mins)

Author- Jennifer A. Liss

Human. Librarian. Consumes large quantities of data. http://orcid.org/0000-0003-3641-4427