October Meeting: One-to-One Principle

The next Metadata Discussion Group meeting will be on Tuesday, October 2 from 9:30—10:30 in the Wells Library, Room 043. The Metadata Discussion Group meets monthly to discuss metadata issues pertaining to libraries, archives, and museums. The group has no formal membership. Library staff, SLIS faculty and students, and those on campus interested in the topic are welcome to attend.

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative best practices call for one record for each resource, i.e., when a photograph is digitized, one record is created for the physical photograph and one record is created for the digital image. Full realization of a FRBR model for LAMs data seems to rely, in part, on adherence to the 1:1 rule

Do you work with multiple instantiations of the same intellectual work? Do you create unique records for each instantiation of a resource? What exactly is the benefit of creating all of these records? What are the barriers to adhering to the 1:1 principle? Join us and we’ll chat about it!

DATE: Tuesday, October 2
TIME: 9:30—10:30
PLACE: Wells Library 043
TOPIC: One-to-One Principle: Practice or Pipe Dream?


Author- Jennifer A. Liss

Human. Librarian. Consumes large quantities of data. http://orcid.org/0000-0003-3641-4427