Save the date: RDA discussion at April 2 meeting

The Library of Congress’ official RDA implementation date is March 31st! At the next meeting of the Metadata Discussion Group, we will discuss the new cataloging standard, Resource Description & Access (RDA), from a metadata perspective.

This discussion will not give an overview of how to catalog with RDA, nor address the changes from AACR2, nor deliberate how RDA might be implemented for different resource formats (keep an eye on the blog next week for a series of posts that address these topics!). Instead, the goal of this meeting will be to move beyond the micro details of the new standard and to expand into the macro implications that RDA has for the future of library data. How is bibliographic data modeled differently in RDA? What exactly does RDA promise to deliver? How might RDA transform discovery?

DATE:  Tuesday, April 2
TIME:  9:30—10:30 am
PLACE:  Wells Library E174
  RDA & the Future of Library Data

Resources to consider consulting for this meeting will be posted early next week.

Note: this high-level discussion of RDA should be a good lead-in to the topic for our final meeting of the year on April 30: next-generation discovery layers.

Author- Jennifer A. Liss

Human. Librarian. Consumes large quantities of data.