Come for the donuts, stay for the…

Yummy Donuts by anyangxx [via Flickr]Remember that one time, when we talked about metadata? That was great.

We’re doing it again! So what do you want to talk about? I’ve received some fantastic suggestions from your hardworking MDG blogger, Rachel; Carl unwittingly gave me a great topic suggestion. Here are some of the topics we’re currently tossing around:

  1. Shiny new toys: metadata record management products (Kuali OLE, OCLC WorldShare Metadata Record Manager, ArchivesSpace)
  2. Floor and ceiling-level approaches to metadata description (with nods to shelf-ready acquisition, the CONSER Standard Record and MPLP)
  3. Media Preservation Initiative’s metadata plan
  4. This is why we can’t have nice things: metadata cleanup in preparation for BIBFRAME… via MarcEdit, Open Refine (previously Google Refine), or singlehandedly by James C.
  5. You want us to do what with our data? Smart RDA implementation for a BIBFRAME future
  6. Have we let our authority data get lazy? Awesome services [to be] built on name authority data (e.g., SNAC)
  7. Metadata in the limelight: [mis]information about metadata in popular media

What are you dying to know? What do you know that you are dying to share?

Please get in touch or email the listserv with your discussion topic suggestions. Sorry, comments are off due to overwhelming amounts of spam.

Author- Jennifer A. Liss

Human. Librarian. Consumes large quantities of data.