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Next meeting: Prepping for BIBFRAME: Smart[er] RDA Implementation

This is the first in a two-part series on how libraries might start thinking ahead for BIBFRAME, a standard that is being developed to replace MARC. The website has a FAQ and a good ‘getting started’ selection on its homepage, if you’d like to learn more about the Library of Congress/Zepheira BIBFRAME initiative.

At this meeting, we will info-share how RDA is being implemented in a MARC environment and reflect upon how those implementation decisions affect the ease of an eventual data migration to BIBFRAME. Specific RDA/MARC coding examples will be shared in advance of the meeting via the listserv and blog.

All are welcome to participate!

DATE: Tuesday, October 15
TIME: 9:30—10:30am
PLACE: Wells Library Room 043
TOPIC: Prepping for BIBFRAME: Smart[er] RDA Implementation


  • BIBFRAME comparison service allows you to enter a LC bibliographic ID (i.e., a MARC 001) and compare the MARC/XML to the BIBFRAME/RDF. NOTE: most DLC records I’ve tried, do not work; I successfully used 15131323, a record that was used in the BIBFRAME demo…
  • PCC. (2013, January 1). BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) Metadata Application Profile. Retrieved from
  • RDA Vocabularies. All RDA elements and values have been given unique identifiers, thus preparing for linked data expression using the RDA content standard:

A final note: Although we’re kicking off the semester with a meeting that will be unapologetically MARC/RDA-oriented, the rest of the MDG meetings this semester will not be so cataloger-y. Promise.

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