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Hello from Summertime!

Just a quick note to our Metadata Discussion Group blog readers to let you know that we might be quiet right now but we are still discussing metadata!

Jennifer and I are both still involved in the MODS and RDF Descriptive Metadata Subgroup within the Hydra community. We’ll likely have additional decisions from that group regarding mapping MODS to RDF and some demo tools to share this fall.

If you have a metadata topic you are interested in discussing, please suggest a topic and if you’re not on our email list make sure you’re on that so you stay updated.

Thank you for your attention and please continue enjoying your summer!

Author- Julie Hardesty

Julie Hardesty is the Metadata Analyst for the Indiana University Libraries. Her work focuses on the use of metadata standards and best practices to enhance access to and discoverability of academic online resources. She holds a Masters degree in Information Science and a Master of Arts degree in Art History, both from Indiana University.