Kuali OLE Monthly Update for Partners – February/March 2013

Active teams

Deliver (Lead SME: Stuart Miller)

○ Had refresher tester training from Rich Slabach

○ Luisa Cywinski (Villanova) and Mark Canney (Lehigh) joined the Deliver test group.

○ Acceptance criteria created for all the functional areas and test scenarios created in OLETS

○ Testing delayed due to the longer than expected redeployment interval in Feb-March caused by the KFS 5/Rice 2 upgrades

○ Tentatively determined that Deliver’s security requirements can be handled by KIM; need a detailed review to see if any more development time will be needed in 1.0

Describe/Manage (Lead SME: Mechael Charbonneau)

○ The team welcomed Rachelle Nelson (Penn) as our newest SME member.

○ Jackie Byrd (Indiana) agreed to serve as Describe’s Testing Coordinator.

○ SMEs participated in 3 hours of quality assurance training provided by Rich Slabach (OLE QA Manager), in preparation for testing 0.8 functionality.

○ 0.8 Progress

■ Reviewed NISO sorting and recommended it be implemented as is in 0.8; further testing with a large testbed of real data may result in the identification of future enhancements.

■ OLE Instance (holding record/item record): Recommended the elimination of four data elements (Type, Copy Number Label, Volume Number, and Volume Number Label) as they were complicating call number sorting development. The Copy, Enumeration, and Chronology fields will remain.  Requested that “Shelving Scheme” be renamed “Call Number Type”.

■ Programming for all 0.8 cataloging features was completed.

■ SMEs began acceptance testing and identified some 0.8 bug fixes and needed enhancements for 1.0.

○ 1.0 User Requirements Completed

■ OLE2679: Clone Instance & Item

■ OLE3267: Item attached to multiple instances (Analytics)O

■ OLE3868: Import bib should reject MARC8 encoding with an error

Select & Acquire (Lead SME: Carlen Ruschoff)

○ Spec review and approval

■ EResources: Reviewed specifications for the design of eresource record, data import from GOKb, and alerts. Specs in development include: modifications to the instance document, development of an access dashboard, and creating POs from eresource records.

■ Ingest: develop a feature to “test” a load without actually creating or modifying records in the system.

■ Fund Management: perform fund check on ingest; reviewed master spec for 1.0.

■ Purchase Order: designed the PO line item features.

○ 0.8 Testing

■ Received “refresher” training from Rich.

■ Added acceptance criteria and test cases to Jira tickets.

■ Began testing.

○ Scoped version 1.0 spec development. Reviewed open tickets in Jira. Tickets were combined, deduped, closed, or reassigned as appropriate.

○ Worked with the PM to outline a proposal to hire a KFS expert to assess functional specifications visàvis KFS code.


Coding Update (February and March coding efforts)

(Changes can be reviewed in the Test Environment: http://tst.ole.kuali.org/portal.jsp )


Select and Acquire:

● Much work has been done to reconfigure roles and workflows from KFS to OLE for many financial edocuments.  The KFS Contract Manager, for example, has been removed as the OLE Order Holding Queue was developed to replace it.

● The Receiving Queue Search screen has had a change of search fields. Users can search by order types, order status, vendor (added a lookup) and purchase order date ranges.  Titles tabs in the Requisition and Purchase Order have also been modified to support the receiving process.

● In order to overlay records within OLE, an Overlay Action maintenance document was created to replace the XML tags within the profile. This allows users to choose the mapped input and output fields.


● Patron records continue to improve as developers work with SMEs to iron out bugs and defects within the code.

● Additional data has been added to further test mapping circulation desks within OLE (Circulation staff will be able to circulate material based upon their work locations and the items’ home locations).

● A circulation counter has been added to Holdings.


● Bibliographic record statuses were previously added and now the maintenance documents for the record statuses have been committed.

● Coding continues for deleting instance and item records from OLE.

● From DocStore records, the “Edit” button will now open the associated editor.

System Integration:

● After much work, time and effort, we finally have our KFS 5.0.1/Rice 2.1.2 branch code merged with our development branch.

● On the nonfinancial OLE Modules (the Rice 2 tab in the test environment), we continue to update Rice to 2.2.0.


As we transition into the Quality Assurance phase for 0.8, bugs/defects correction have begun. There are multiple issues already listed in the March 28th iteration.

Details for this month’s iterations may be found on the wiki:

Iteration 0.8.0-u Friday Feb 8th 2013

Iteration 0.8.0-u-r Friday March 28, 2013


Kuali OLE in the news:

● NASIG Webinar: Designing serials and eresources tools for Kuali OLE http://nasig.wordpress.com/2013/02/04/nasigwebinardesigningserialsanderesourcestoolsforkualiole/

● “Technical Services Report: Integrating ERMs into the ILS: Systems for Holistic Resource Management”. Technical Services Quarterly, Volume 30, Issue 1, 2013, DOI:10.1080/07317131.2013.735961 [subscription required]

Current release: 0.6 (May 2012)

● Demo: http://demo.ole.kuali.org/oledemo/portal.jsp

● Drivers Manual: https://wiki.kuali.org/display/OLE/OLE+0.6+Milestone+User+Documentation

Next scheduled release: 0.8 (Q2 2013)

● Road map: http://www.kuali.org/ole/Timeline

● Technical details of 0.8 release todate [requires a KIS account]:  https://wiki.kuali.org/display/OLE/OLE+Project+Manager+Page


Website: http://www.kuali.org/ole/

Blog: http://kualiole.tumblr.com/

Recent presentations: http://www.kuali.org/ole/presentations

Wiki : https://wiki.kuali.org/display/OLE/Home

● Note: some sections will require a KIS account

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